K-Pop Powerhouses Astro Talk Music Growth and Writing They’re on a New Album, “Switch On”

Astro, a South Korean boy band that debuted half a century ago has been a top 10 hit in the country. They don’t waste any time releasing new music, but try to make it interesting with every new full-length or EP. Just a few short months ago, the band released their second album All Yours. This was another No. The six-member group is now back with switch On. This “mini album”, which was released in Western markets primarily for its EP format, has been just a few months after their sophomore album em>All Yours.

Switch on will see the band become more involved than ever, making the set an essential for many fans. Through a translator, I was able to speak with the musicians about their EP and the lead song “After Midnight”, as well as their passion for Bruno Mars.

Hugh McIntyre: You just announced your new jobMove onPlease enter. Please tell me more about your project, and the meaning of the name.

Moon BinTheir eight-minute mini album Switch On contains their six year timeline. The song features all members of the band writing lyrics and singing vocals. It shows the group’s musical development.

McIntyreName:Move onWhat does that mean for you?

Cha Eun-Woo:According to him, everyone can have a switch that turns on and off. Astro could have their switch on when performing. Each person is unique and has their own switch. They tried to demonstrate this by performing on this album.

McIntyre: It was mentioned by you that all of your family members participated in the creation and writing of these songs. What was the inspiration behind one song per person?

JinJinThey wanted to be involved in a lot of activities, particularly for the album. JinJin, for instance, watched many movies to find inspiration to create the lyrics.

McIntyreWhich songs and movies have inspired you the most?

JinJinHe enjoys emotional and sensible films. He often tries to visualize an image, then moves on to finding inspirations. He doesn’t know the exact movie but searches for the one that best matches his image.

McIntyre: “After Midnight” is the first single. But which song? Would you like to share some information about this song?

Cha Eun-Woo:The keyword is a combination of the words midnight and midnight. He became very interested in it. The message is that the recipient wants to stay with the person they love until the end of their day.

McIntyreYour guys have another No. Your biggest success [in South Korea] and the No. 1 album in the charts. Are you anxious to see that album succeed?

MJThey are nervous about every return. They all participated and really enjoyed digging into the album. Although they would love to see this album succeed, they know they can enjoy it.

McIntyre: Your band has been together six years and have accomplished a lot over that period. You want to do more as a band.

Rocky MountainThey believe in dreaming big. Rocky wants to be a Super Bowl performer and they want to do more.

McIntyreAnswer: That’s what I want! The world seems to be getting better. Which are you most looking forward to?

Yoon San-HaThey want to tour the globe and perform international when they have the opportunity.

McIntyre: Please come to America! I would love to see your performances.

Yoon San-HaYes, it is!

McIntyreQuestion: What songs, artists, or albums do you listen most often in your free time?

Rocky Mountain Bruno Mars. Bruno was recently featured on his cover. He recently covered Bruno’s song, “Grenade”, and uploaded it to Astro’s YouTube channel.

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