Minecraft: How to Light a Candle

How to light candles in Minecraft In the Minecraft 1.17 Update, which was published in June 2017, candles were made available in the Sandbox Game. Although the Bedrock Edition received the 1.17 update as well, some items such as candles and potted Azaleas were not available until 1.17.10. It’s now time to discover what candles can be used for.

As a means to brighten dark environments, the first caves and rocks update includes candles. While you could use torches alone to brighten caves, candles add a special touch that is hard to match. We believe candles have more uses than torches. They can also be used to decorate birthday cakes to make a warm memory.

In case you weren’t aware, sticking a large flaming stick in a cake is not a good idea. These Minecraft candles will light up any occasion, whether you want to decorate a cake or make a cave feel magical. Here’s how to do it.

How to make Minecraft candles

Similar to sea pickles, Minecraft candles can also be used as separate objects and can even be grouped together on one block.You will need to light a candle using flint, steel or any other flaming projectile.You can find it here. Bedrock Edition allows you to be dramatic by allowing you light a torch with a sword that is enchanted.

Each candle once lit emits three light levels, which can be increased to twelve if there are four of them. A cake that is not already baked can only have one candle. The candle will fall to the ground once the cake is gone. Water can be used to extinguish candles that have been lit. Too much water will cause the candles become waterlogged and stop you from lighting them.

The crafting menu in Minecraft 1.17 showing how to make a candle

These are the steps to making a Minecraft candle.

  • Honeycomb x1
  • String x1

Place the honeycomb on the middle square to make candles. To make candles, place the string right above it.

These are the steps to making dyed Minecraft candles

  • Candles x1
  • Matching Dye x1

After you’ve purchased your candles you can alter their colour by adding a match dye to the square in the middle and then placing another candle on the left. You have 16 options for dyed candles, so you can decorate your home with many different styles.

That’s it for Minecraft candles. Learn more about new Minecraft items in our Minecraft amethyst guides. You can also read our Minecraft copper guide for all the crafting options you have with this metal.

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