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New MIT Study: CIOs Plan to Use the Most Time Here are the areas where money is made

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New MIT Study: CIOs Plan to Use the Most Time
Here are the areas where money is made

You can find the best future opportunities in tech by looking at companies with deeper research and development budgets.

According to a new report from MIT and New York City-based consultancy Genpact, over 500 Chief Information Officers and technology leaders in a variety of industries, including healthcare and insurance, are focused on these key areas to help drive new ideas and products.

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Their focus is on artificial intelligence.

Leaders were asked to choose the technologies that they would prioritize in order to reach their goals for the company over the next 2 years. Analytics, artificial intelligence and automation technology are the key areas. Next, it is important to migrate data centers to cloud computing and automate robotic processes. According to CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures Anis Uzzaman, startups that provide information to patients via mobile applications are at the forefront of the long-term shift in health care.

They are data-driven.

Nearly all (98%) of respondents to the MIT survey agree that companies use data-driven decision making to increase value. AI and machine-learning are the most important tools for building a data-driven culture. Research shows that companies seek this technology for predictive insight to make better decisions.

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The company is trying to solve the hiring problems.

The top three most common external and internal problems reported are related to talent. Nearly half of those (49%) said that they do not have sufficient talent in their organization. These leaders want to learn agile delivery and development (that’s breaking down large projects into manageable chunks), managing external partners, and using internal and external data to find solutions.

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