Nintendo now has 89 million Nintendo Switch units Since 2017

Nintendo released earnings numbers for April-June 2021. They are impressive, even with the continuing pandemic. Since March 2017, when the Nintendo Switch made its debut, the Kyoto-based company sold 89.04 millions units. Since March 2017, the company, which is based in Kyoto, has sold 89.04 million Nintendo Switch systems. This includes developers who have had to work remotely and those with shortages of components. In October, Nintendo will release a redesigned version of its Nintendo Switch that features an OLED screen with better audio and a more powerful processor. This is in addition to the much-anticipated Metroid Dread. The Verge reports that Nintendo’s holiday line-up should impress, with titles such as Metroid Dread and WarioWare: Get It Together.

The sales of Switch hardware fell 21.7 percent, to 4.45million units. Software sales dropped 10.2 percent, to 45.29million units. Nintendo now has sold 89.04million Switch consoles. This is compared to the PS5’s 10 million. The revenue fell 9.9% to 322.6 billion Japanese yen ($2.94 trillion), and operating profit was 119.6 million yen ($1.09billion), which is a 17.3 percent decline over the previous year.

The Verge


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