Ryan Reynolds reacts to Taylor Swift using His and Blake Names of Lively’s Children

A beautiful dedicationRyan ReynoldsDiscussed what it was like to be a friendTaylor SwiftIn her songs, use his names as the lyrics.

“The names we give our children are their names.” She is implicitly trusted by us. All of this stuff is very important to her. The song is not about our children, other than their names. “But I mean, it’s an honor,” Reynolds (44), said in a SiriusXM town hall special.Jess CagleOn Thursday, August 5

Actor and his wifeBlake LivelyThe couple, who were married in 2012, continue to love Swift, 31 and offer their children this unique tribute.

It was amazing to us. We still do. It’s true, I walk down the street thinking, “I don’t believe it happened,” the Deadpool star said.

Reynolds shared the story of how Reynolds and her husband decided to share this cool information with their daughters.

He laughed and said, “We surprised them by it.” They didn’t even know. They didn’t know. They don’t know anything. We find that they are most willing to comply if we give them access to no outside information.”

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In July 2020, Folklore’s release was greeted with a lot of curiosity by fans who wondered if Reynolds, 33-year-old Grammy winner, had revealed the names Lively and Reynolds of their oldest daughters James and Inez. In 2017, she included James’ vocals in “Gorgeous”, her 2017 song.

In the chorus to “Betty”, the singer sang, “You heard the gossip from Inez/ You can’t believe any word she says.” I was walking back on cobblestones broken / Thinking of you as she pulled up / It was a figment my worst intentions / She told me to James, “James, let’s go.”

Fans were able to guess even more when they questioned if that name was Reynolds and Lively’s third child, born in 2019. Swift proudly confirmed Swift’s theory a month later.

In a August 2020 radio interview, the songwriter stated that he named the characters of the story after his friends.

Swift offered more details about the inspiration for the song.

He lost his true love and is unable to find the right way back. She said that she thinks we all experience these moments in life where we have to truly, deeply apologize for what we did. Everyone makes mistakes. Everybody is human. The song was written from the point of view of a 17 year-old boy. It’s something I love about music, because you can slip into other identities and sing from different perspectives. That’s exactly what I did with this song.

Each week, Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood will bring you the most exciting entertainment news!

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