Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead has been delayed to Next year

Due February 20, 2222 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 4, Switch and PC

Saber Interactive has announced that the Evil Dead title will not be released this year, as was originally intended. Instead, they plan to launch it on a PlayStation 3, Xbox and Switch in February 2022.

Evil Dead: The Game features familiar faces from the Evil Dead series, and brings them together to fight the evil forces of darkness with chainsaws (and other melee-ranged weapons) at their disposal. A PvP element adds an additional dimension to core co-op. Another player can become the Kandarian Demon, which allows them to travel the world in order to stop the human plans.

A gameplay trailer was released this year and shows that human players will have to hunt for pages from the Necronomicon and Raymond Knowby’s tapes to cast the spell to defeat the demon.

Evil Dead: The Game Trailer.

Saber originally planned to release Evil Dead: The Game in 2021. However, it has now announced that the launch date will change to February 2022. In a tweet, Saber said the revised window would allow for more time for the game’s development and help “ensure Evil Dead is everything you have been waiting for”. It will also implement a single-player mode for times co-op partners are not readily available.

The developer said, “We would like to thank everybody for their understanding and support.” Stay tuned to find out more about character updates and pre-order availability. The next video with Bruce Campbell will be released soon.

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