Snap and gelato are shared by mystery man and seal. Photos taken during a St. Tropez stroll

Happy tourists Seal and his mystery girlfriend enjoy a stroll through St. Tropez, sharing gelato with each other and taking photos.

Seal was joined for summer vacation by his girlfriend in St. Tropez.

As they walked around the town, Kiss From a Rose’s 58 year-old singer looked adorably in love with a mysterious blonde.

The singer, who had been married for nine years to Heidi Klum, was once seen eating gelato at Barbarac’s ice cream shop.

Lucky in love: Seal, 58, holds hands with his new girlfriend as they enjoy a romantic stroll around St. Tropez

Lucky in love: Seal (58) holds hands with his girlfriend while they take a stroll through St. Tropez.

He wore a black zip-up and black shorts for his vacation look, which was a tribute to the legendary crooner.

As he sat down to take in the scenery, he wore sneakers with a bucket hat and he cradled his camera for photos.

The girlfriend was wearing a mini-dress with a pattern and white sneakers, and added a denim jacket.

They were looking to shop in the town, so she had a couple of bags. The two even stopped by a gelato place.

Quick review: Clutching a camera in hand he snapped away before showing the blonde some pictures

Vacation vibes: The Kiss From A Rose singer was seen laughing and smiling during the getaway

Holiday vibes: The Kiss From A Rose Singer was smiling and laughing during the getaway

Gelato run: The blonde was seen feeding Seal a spoonful of chocolate gelato from Barbarac

Gelato Run: Seal was given a scoop of chocolate gelato by Barbarac.

Seal was infectiously happy all day, smiling and laughing while surrounded by friends.

After two years of being together, he split with Erica Packer (43), in 2017.

She had been a great admirer of him throughout their marriage. “I am very happy. This is a happy moment in my life. He’s beautiful, magical and I am very lucky to have known him.

In February, he was photographed first with the mystery blonde he was posing with as they sat down at Nobu Malibu for dinner with her child — who was also on the trip.

Mystery woman: Seal was first photographed with the mystery woman in February during a date with her daughter at Nobu in Malibu

Seal and mystery woman: Seal first photographed the mystery woman during her February date at Nobu in Malibu.

Cuddled up: The pair were seen strolling with a group of friends as they threw their arms around each other

They were snuggled together: As they strolled with friends, the pair threw each other’s arms in their laps.

Sweet smile: The Voice judge was seen smiling throughout the course of the day

Sweet smile: Voice judge saw smiling all day

Ex Klum, with whom he has children, sons Henry (15 and Johan (14 years), and girl Lou (11) — also enjoyed a European vacation together with Tom Kaulitz, her husband for two years.

The couple was seen on a superyacht with Heidi, her daughter Leni (17), who Seal legally adopted at five years.

TMZ reported that in 2012, the couple had parted in part because of the singer’s anger issues. No evidence was given to support this claim.

According to a source, Seal’s inability control anger is causing Heidi distress. This has also been affecting the children.

Klum’s representative announced that the divorce was finalized to PEOPLE by stating on her behalf: “We have shared the deepest respect throughout our relationship, and continue to love one another very deeply, but have grown apart.” In 2014, the divorce was completed.

Ice cream stop: The group were pictured outside a gelateria as they explored town

As they explored the town, Ice Cream Stop: This group was taken outside a Gelateria.


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