Spain, France, Greece & Germany: Foreign Office Warnings after traffic light overhaul

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has made a few updates to its pages of travel advice following Wednesday’s travel announcement. With seven additions to green and one removal, the traffic light system was redesigned.

There were also new warnings for popular holiday hotspot Spain.

These changes are reflected in the FCDO’s most recent travel advice updates.


Spain managed to hold onto its position on the amber-list despite speculations that it might be transferred to the no longer relevant amber plus or red lists.

The Department of Transport advises travellers who are returning to Spain to undergo a pre-departure PCR test.

This test was previously a lateral flow test or an antigen test.

The FCDO did not update its page on travel advice despite this warning.

The Spanish government demands that all UK citizens who arrive in Spain must fill out a pre-travel declaration and show proof of vaccination.

It can also be used to test for NEAR, TMA or LAMP.

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The travel agency adds that antigen testing cannot be performed in all circumstances. They are also not acceptable if the tourist is travelling from Spain to the UK.

According to the FCDO, Spain will accept proof that Spain has been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days before arriving in Spain.

It continues, “Spain will accept UK solutions to prove your COVID vaccination status.”

Your NHS appointment card issued by vaccination centers is not intended to serve as proof of vaccination. It should be used only to verify your vaccination status.

Each passenger must sign and complete an online form for health control at least 48 hours before travel.

If they have been fully vaccinated and are returning from Spain, then they do not need to be self-isolated. However, they must pass a screening test within the first two days of arriving.

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France was removed from the Amber Plus List and made a new entry to the Amber List.

It means that anyone arriving from France can show they received two doses of the vaccine and have been approved by the UK or EU to avoid being quarantined.

However, they must pass a day one and two pre-departure test.

Non-vaccinated visitors are required to remain isolated for 10 days, and then take the day 8 test.

The latest update from the FCDO states: “The UK currently appears on the French amber listing.

“Entry requirements vary depending on whether or not you have been fully vaccinated.”

The French amber watch list states that only essential travel will be allowed for those who are not fully or partially vaccinated.

Travellers not completely vaccinated must self-isolate seven days following arrival. After this time, another PCR test will be performed.

To confirm the reason they travel, you will need to present an International Travel Certificate and sign a “sworn declaration” to ensure that coronavirus symptoms are not being displayed.

All arrivals from the UK must show evidence that they have had a negative (PCR) or antigen test within 24 hours.

According to the authority, travelers who have been fully immunized do not require an important reason to travel to France. They also do not need self-isolation upon arrival.

The evidence for a negative result from a test will not be required to travel with fully-vaccinated adults starting July 18.

However, they must sign a “sworn declaration” to prove their immunization status.


Greece is still on the Amber List, in spite of concerns about an increase in cases over recent weeks.

If they prove that they have been fully vaccinated, they may be allowed to enter the UK.

They are not eligible for a day one or pre-departure test.

Non-vaccinated individuals must be self-isolated and take the day 8 test.

According to Greek authorities rules, UK citizens are permitted entry into Greece.

The FCDO warns that if you are travelling from the UK you must have filled out a Passenger Locator Formula (PLF), before arriving in Greece.

No matter what mode of transportation you choose to travel to Greece, the form must be completed.

A negative COVID-19-PCR test must be proved within 72 hours of arrival in Greece.

Alternately, you can prove that your negative COVID-19 rapid antibody test was performed by an authorized laboratory within 48 hours of your arrival in Greece.

A negative coronavirus test is not required for fully vaccinated travelers. Instead, they should provide official proof that they have received at least two doses approved Covid jabs within the last 14 days.

The FCDO adds that Greece will accept UK solutions for proving your COVID vaccination status.

Your NHS appointment card issued by vaccination centers is not intended to serve as proof of vaccination. It should be used only to verify your vaccination status.


Germany was moved from the amber to the green lists.

According to FCDO, “Germany will be on the green list of countries that can enter England starting at 4am Sunday August 8th.”

All Britons who return from Germany without having been vaccinated need not to be quarantined.

However, they must take both a pre-departure and an on-or before their arrival test.

For those who are travelling from the UK, Germany has very strict entry restrictions.

The UK has been designated a high-incidence zone since July 7. The FCDO explains that you can enter Germany via the UK for all purposes if your vaccinations are current.

Unvaccinated children younger than 12 years old are permitted to travel into Germany with proof of negative results and at least one parent who is fully vaccinated.

Individuals who have not been fully immunized may enter Germany only if they are: a German citizen, the spouse/partner/child of a German citizen or a resident; an individual serving in an important function; or have an immediate need to travel.

No matter what vaccination status, all travellers arriving from the UK to Germany must complete pre-departure electronic registration.

The FCDO states that “travellers from the UK who have not been fully vaccinated are placed under 10-day quarantine and tested and released after five days.”

This exemption is not applicable to fully vaccinated or recovered persons.

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