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Spain holiday: Some families could have to fork out an extra amount New PS332 warning

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Spain holiday: Some families could have to fork out an extra amount
New PS332 warning

On Wednesday evening, the Government issued a new warning to travellers returning to the UK from Spain. Citing concerns over Covid variants, as well as mounting cases across the country, travellers have been urged to take a PCR test rather than an antigen or lateral flow for their pre-departure test.

But, this can have devastating financial consequences for holidaymakers.

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Avi Lasarow (EMEA CEO, Project Screen by Prenetics), said that a family with four members could have to pay an extra PS332 for tests.

If they took PCR tests, it would cost them as much as P1,328.

While fully vaccinated Britons are able to sidestep quarantine and take only a day two test upon arrival, non-vaccinated travellers do not have this option.

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This is an overnight rise of 33% overnight. It means that Britons who are already on vacation in Spain will need to pay an additional PS332 for their return flight.

Experts warn that PCR testing should be more accessible by the government.

After the most recent traffic light review in which Spain retained its amber listing despite concern over coronavirus prevalence, loveholidays CEO urged the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to intervene.

Donat Retif stated that while it was great to see stability in holidaymakers’ lives as a result of the most recent travel review, the lack of any action regarding skyrocketing testing costs is still a problem.

“It is time for the Competition and Markets Authority take immediate action to reduce these costs.”

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According to Prenetics’ Mr Lasarow the best way is to omit VAT from Covid tests.

The firm’s survey results show that this would encourage an additional 6.8 million Britons to fly abroad.

He explained that removing VAT from PCR tests could help a family with four save PS166.

“The average PCR test would drop from PS83 down to PS69 if Holiday COVID testing is removed from VAT.”

The petition was launched by the company as a way to boost the sector.

We promise that if the government eliminates VAT for holiday COVID test, every penny we save will be passed on to the public. We challenge all of the test industry to follow our lead.”

According to the Department of Transport, Spain’s latest warning is:

As a precaution, travelers from Spain and its islands should use a PCR testing as their pre-departure tests whenever possible to avoid the increasing prevalence of the disease and variants within the country.

Publiated at Thu, Aug 5, 2021 17:04.14 (+0000).

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