George Lucas was picked out by his star

Star Wars actor calls George Lucas’s work “fairytale trash”

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This is the fifth anniversary of Sir Alec Guinness’ death. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and liver cancer, the actor died at age 86. The Shakespearean actor became a household name, appearing in films such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Horse’s Mouth and Twelfth Night. He was the Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi, George Lucas’s first science-fiction movie. His first reaction to the script wasn’t very positive

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Alec Guinness:The Official Biography reveals that Sir Alec wrote to his friend in order to describe how “rubbish” Star Wars were.

He said, “I was offered a movie (20th Cent Fox), which I might accept if they have the proper funds.

“Filming began in March in London and North Africa. Science fiction is something that gives mepause, but it will be directed by Paul Lucas (American Graffiti), which I feel like I should.

Sir Alec said: “Big Part. “Fairy-tale trash, but it could still be fascinating.” (sic).

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George Lucas was picked out by his starStar Wars: George Lucas was picked out by his star (Image: GETTY)

Star Wars obi wan kenobi sir alec guinnessStar Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi star Alec Guinness spoke out about the film (Image: LUCASFILM)

However, Sir Alec did not stop there. Later, he wrote another Star Wars letter in which he continued to discredit the franchise.

He said, “Can’t claim I enjoy the film. – New rubbish dialogue comes to me every other day with wadges pink paper. None of this makes my character clear and bearable.

“I think of Yahoo’s wonderful bread money, which I will be able to keep me going till next April, even if Yahoo goes under in one week.”

He continued to talk about his coworkers, one of whom he could not remember their names.

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Sir Alec continued: “I must go to studio and do work with a dwarf. (Very sweet, – and then he needs to wash in the bidet). Your fellow countrymen Mark Hamill (that isn’t right) Harrison Ford Ellison – *) – A rangy, charismatic young man, who’s probably smart and funny.”

He finally complained, “But Oh God, God! They make me feel ninety and treat me like I’m 106.

Sir Alec changed his mind about the film despite his constant complaints during production.

In an interview, Michael Parkinson said that Star Wars had a “kind of marvelous freshness” about it.

Sir Alec said, “Like wonderful fresh air.” As I walked out of the cinema… When I got out of the cinema… This had been so invigorating.

In his journal, he also noted: “It is a quite staggering film as spectacle. And technically brilliant. It was exciting, noisy, and very warm-hearted.

The battle scenes at the ending go on for about five minutes, which I find excessive. Some of the dialogue can be excruciating, some is too loud, but the experience is still vivid.”

In addition, he made an incredible amount of money by being part of the photo.

Sir Alec reached an agreement with Lucas to share a 2 percent percentage of Star Wars’ profits.

After making some changes to the script while filming, they raised it to 2.5%.

Later, he spoke of his wealth and said: “Let’s leave it at that. I can still live the modest life I used to. I don’t have any debts. I can also afford to turn down work that isn’t appealing to me.”

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