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Normaly, an unannounced title getting a Steam page is not news. It’s Thursday night, so it isn’t news. Elden Ring fan have been suffering for so many years that any reminder of the realness of this game will be a welcome one. FromSoftware’s dark fantasy epic is now available on Steam. You can still view some beautiful screenshots and read some marketing copy, but you won’t be able to pre-order the game yet.

The store’s page states that “As your exploration continues, the joy of uncovering unknown and overwhelming dangers awaits you.” This gives you a sense of achievement. Is it a multilayered tale told in bits? That’s Miyazaki. You can combine weapons, armor and magic you have. Demon’s Souls is a living testament to the traditions that have been passed down.

Exaggerated aside, there won’t be much information on the Steam Store page. However, if you are very particular about where your PC games go, then you can rest assured that Elden Ring will soon arrive to Steam. Bandai Namco, a publisher, has used Valve’s platform to release its PC games for years, so that should not be surprising.

For now, you can simply watch the trailer.

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