The Destiny 2 Guardian abilities have undergone a significant rebalancing Next season

Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer is over in just a few weeks. Bungie has begun to reveal some of the changes coming when the next season of its sci-fi shooter MMO begins. This Week at Bungie today details the significant rebalancing of several guardian subclass capabilities that will force players to reconsider some tried-and-true strategies in PvE as well as in Crucible.

The nerf for the Well of Radiance, a middle-tree Dawnblade Warlock, is perhaps the most prominent of the subclass changes. Bungie claims it is a simple ability that can be used on many game bosses. Starting next season, wells are more susceptible to boss damage. A Well of Radiance currently takes 0.25x boss damages, but that will increase to 1.5x next season, so bosses can destroy these wells faster.

You don’t need to worry about it, Warlocks. While your Well of Radiance won’t work as well in PvE mode, its damage resistance buff against enemy players is increasing from 20% up to 40% in Crucible.

Celestial Fire, the ability of Top-tree Dawnblades to summon Celestial Fire, will be less accurate in next season. Bungie has also changed Heat Rises so that it lasts for 15 seconds instead of 10. You’ll get more time extensions for mid-air kills, but it’ll still appear on enemy radar.

Bungie has reduced the nerf on the Revenant subclass’ withering blade for Hunters. It is increasing its projectile speed by 10% and tracking by 10%. Squall’s movement speed has been increased by 20%. Squall will stop moving when it is in contact with a boss.

The Titans’ barsicades have also been adjusted. Bungie claims that the rally barricade isn’t being used very often so it has been given some adjustments. It will increase reload speeds and give guardians standing by it +30 stability, range, and -50% flack. Enemy guardians will be able to run faster through all barricades, but they’ll still suffer significant damage.

The update includes Joe Blackburn, assistant game director. He discusses team plans for Crucible maps in a recent tweet thread. Chris Shannon, community manager, writes that the most important thing for the tl.dr team is to let everyone know we have a plan. It’s going take time and we are optimistic about creating more consistent PVP content every year.

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