The ‘unique’ method to reduce battery charging time for electric cars amid charging point uncertainty

The 'unique' method to reduce battery charging time for electric cars
amid charging point uncertainty

MagLiB is a research group based at University College London that discovered a groundbreaking technology to dramatically reduce charging time for lithium-ion battery batteries. This technology could greatly improve the performance of electric cars and other devices, such as smart watches or mobile phones.

It can take several hours for an electric car to be fully charged with current chargers. But, drivers could just grab a cup of coffee, and their vehicle would still be sufficiently charged.

Ian Ellerington Head of Technology Transfer, Faraday Institution’s flagship UK battery research program, was highly appreciative of the team’s efforts.

He stated that MagLiB’s fast-charging batteries are a novel approach to the design of high-performance lithium-ion battery packs.

The technology could enable higher performance and longer battery life. This will allow power tools to last longer and electric cars can be driven farther. It also makes it more economical on the electricity grid.


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MagLiB was awarded the Emerging Technologies Competition Final. They received PS20,000 cash prize and twelve months of support from an assigned mentor at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Ofgem recently conducted research that found one-fourth of its customers intend to purchase an electric car or plug-in hybrid within the next four year.

However, 38% of respondents said that they weren’t likely to do this.

Their main concern was the short battery life and limited range on one charge.

36% of respondents also worried about not having a place to charge their electric car close by.

Thomas Heenan from MagLiB was the leader of MagLiB’s research team and commented on their prize win.

He stated that the win would accelerate the transition from the university to industry and will provide funds for partner projects, including pilot lines and prototypes.

The Royal Society of Chemistry recognition will help us attract additional funds and get started with our partnerships.

We know our work works but it is hard to quantify the impact of other people’s interest in the same thing.

Winners of the Emerging Technologies Competition in previous years expanded abroad, received commercial contracts, performed clinical-scale and industrial-scale trials and increased their collective staff.

The combined amount of equity and grant funding raised by the two companies is more than PS116million.

This new technology is expected to revolutionize charging speed and streamline the infrastructure for EV chargers.

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