Two of the most stunning road trips in the world are located in the UK. Which made it to the final cut? Check out the complete list

Britons aren’t the only ones discovering their backyards this summer. Holidaymakers all over the world are looking for inspiration and road trips. __S.2__

People are increasingly attracted to the idea of getting in a car and driving on the roads.

The world might automatically associate Route 66 with “road trip”, but Britons could imagine driving the NC500 through the Scottish Highland.

The world has many more options than these great road trips, so planning a special trip doesn’t have to mean you travel for weeks.

The term “road trip”, a hashtag popularized on Instagram is not surprising. This social media platform is known for inspiring content.

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Over the last few months, road trips have been the new holiday and favorite hobby.

Goodbyecar, a car-buying service, analysed social media data to determine where people were heading.

The service looked at Rough Guides’ 36 top road trips.

The UK is again featured in the top 10 list.


The NC500 hasn’t gone away in Scotland, but the Atlantic Highway is not.

An English-language road trip is replaced by a Scottish counterpart to the NC500.

Two “must-do road trips” in Scotland are offered by the Outer Hebrides. At least, that’s what social media says.

The USA joins Scotland in promoting road trips. They also have two fantastic routes. Australia is at the top of the list with five.

Fourth place is the North Coast 500 with its 516 miles of Highlands scenery. The NC500, which begins and ends at Inverness Castle in Scotland is a popular bucket list item for Britons.

The Outer Hebrides Road Trip rounds out the top five. It involves driving around the islands to see all of the attractions in one day.

Here’s a complete list of some of the most stunning roads in the world
1. Route 66 USA
2. Great Ocean Road (Australia)
3. Ocean Drive, Miami USA
4. 4.
5. Outer Hebrides and Scotland
6. Ruta 40, Argentina
7. Tasman Peninsula, Australia
8. Powder Highway Canada
9. Black Forest, Germany
10. Cabot Trail Canada

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