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Update on Rust: August 2021 Patch adds Submarines and Torpedoes

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Update on Rust: August 2021 Patch adds Submarines and Torpedoes

The August Rust update will add many new big items and new ways to map explore.

As this week’s Rust patch allows for the construction of new ocean-going vessels, fans will be able go further than ever before.

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However, Rust’s underwater components will not only be easier to access but also pose additional dangers.

While exploring the depths will bring you many rewards, gamers need to be aware of sharks that roam the seas.

Every dive site can spawn one shark. You must defeat the shark before you claim any treasures.

While gamers will be able use melee weapons to protect themselves, survival chances are slim if they don’t have an underwater weapon.

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The Speargun is a crucial piece of equipment for treasure hunters.

You can learn to make a speargun + ammunition from the Level 1 Workbench to be able defend yourself underwater.

This new weapon is only available for underwater firing and has a similar punch to a crossbow but with a slower moving projectile.

The good news? It can also be used to kill hostile people, which makes it an even more versatile weapon.

The purchase of a submarine at the local boat shop in fishing villages is a major step towards exploring new underwater worlds.

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Two versions are available. The submarine can carry two people and comes equipped with an internal fuel supply, as well as an instrument cluster that includes rudimentary sounder.

The new underwater laboratories are procedural dungeons which reside at the bottom of the ocean. You will find them in many sizes and shapes, but for the moment, only two entry points.

You enter the’moonpool’ from which you will re-surface using your submarine. You must be prepared for the many puzzles that await you.

The bases are equipped with a large network of CCTV cameras that you can use to map your journey ahead of time. You can also see each floor’s layout on the new player map. Some rooms will have microphones that allow you to broadcast commands throughout the base’s network.

If you are a risk-taker, you can play high stakes poker in the mess hall rooms, and listen to some music before going back to fight the NPCs who live in the corridors.

Rust also offers fishing and underground tunnels for the rail network, as well as improvements to ice lakes, and Underwater Ambience & effects.

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