WhatsApp: The new Snapchat video, image - How to Use the Chat App's New Vanishing Video.

WhatsApp: The new Snapchat video, image – How to Use the Chat App’s New Vanishing Video. Feature

WhatsApp: The new Snapchat video, image - How to Use the Chat App's New Vanishing Video.

WhatsApp users can now send self-destructing photos and videos within the chat app. The latest update includes “View Once”, which allows users to send media that is only viewable once. After the recipient has seen it, the message will automatically be deleted.

View Once media will not save to the recipient’s phone, even though they may have their WhatsApp settings configured to automatically save chat photos and videos.

Within WhatsApp, a View Once video or photo cannot be opened again after it has been viewed. WhatsApp confirmed that this media cannot be saved, shared, forwarded or starred.

The View Once video or photo will be automatically deleted if it isn’t opened within the 14-day period.

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WhatsApp users were warned to only send such media to trusted friends. Because a recipient may still view a View Once video or photo.

Make sure that your WhatsApp version has the most recent update before you can use the View Once function. You can then send a picture or video to your contact the same way you would normally.

This means that you can open a WhatsApp group chat, individual or group chat and add a photo or video by using the Camera icon for iOS or the Attach paperclip symbol on Android.

Next, click the View Once icon on the right side of your text bar before hitting Send.

View Once is the number one symbol. It has a circular circle around it. Dots make up half of the circle.

Click the View Once icon and activate it by pressing send.

You can send View Once media via KaiOS, Web or Desktop.

WhatsApp’s Facebook owners said that the feature was a new addition to their app. Many phones will allow you to take a single photo and store it in your camera roll for ever.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of new View Once photos, videos and audios that are invisible in chat once they have been opened. This gives users more privacy control.

You might, for example, send a View Once photograph of the clothes that you are wearing at a shop, as a quick response to a situation, or sensitive information like your Wi-Fi password.

WhatsApp also stated that View Once media, just like personal messages, will be encrypted so that the chat app can’t see it.

View Once messages will appear in chats as a “one-time icon”. The media will then appear in chat history as “opened”.

All WhatsApp users can now view View Once starting this week.

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