Barcelona chief Joan Laporta issues defiant Lionel Messi Message

Laporta explained that Messi’s departure signifies the beginning of a new era at the Nou Camp.

“Leo has left an outstanding legacy. His achievements are legendary. “He has been the player who has accumulated the greatest number of successes throughout the club’s history,” Laporta said.

He leaves his mark. His presence has made Barca’s history a shining stage. This has been the greatest.

It is the beginning of a new age and Leo has a past and future. Like Samitier, Kubala, Johan. Messi can be considered a reference in this axis.

He has made many memories, shared many sports successes and images that will be remembered. Club members are eternally grateful.

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Publited Fri, 06 August 2021 at 09:34.12 +0000

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