FIFA 22: More PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia Exclusive features revealed

EA Sports announced a variety of FIFA 22 exclusive features for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, S consoles.

EA Sports revealed FIFA 22’s Career Mode in full yesterday.

There are News items in Career Mode that focus on your achievements and stats across all platforms. These news items trigger when milestone events occur (for instance, when your goal is to surpass a competitor’s record for goal achievement and you succeed).

These achievements are not just highlighted in the news on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, S, and Stadia. FIFA 22 has pre-match intro sequences that allow the commentator to pick up what you’ve done.

The new cinematics feature team warm-up sequences and dressing room moments, as well as teams inspecting the pitch.

EA stated that if your team fails to perform in a crucial match, it might be possible for the crowd to leave early.

When you are promoted to a managerial position, there is a new cinematic. The stadium also hosts the latest transfer announcements.

The commentator team will follow your Player Career and “batter” about transfer moves or loans, your debut or when you are establishing your position in the starting 11.

EA Sports claimed that it has improved the quality and precision of the screenshots from match events in the news feeds you get when you go back to the hub. “In order to enhance your match experience, the stories are more relevant.”

More information is available on Alex Scott’s commentary. This commentary is available via English’s ‘Goal News from Elsewhere’ commentary. Scott provides minute-by-minute updates on matches that are being played simultaneously. EA Sports stated that they are using the most recent technology in order to ensure seamless transitions between Alex Scott and the commentary team. There will be no interruptions.

EA’s “HyperMotion”, a new-generation feature, joins what EA refers to as FIFA 22 exclusive on PS5, Xbox Series X, S and Stadia. It combines machine learning and 11v11 motion capture to enhance how players move during a match.

This leaves PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. (And Switch)

In other Career Mode news: You can now create your own club in this year’s game – an option that existed in FIFA 2010 but was removed since then.

First, choose the name of your club and then the nickname that will be used for commentary. Next, choose which league you would like to be a part of. Then choose which team to replace. While the number of participating teams in each league remains the same, the replacement team goes to the Rest of World.

The game allows you to choose from any league, meaning that you can either start in the lowest tier or compete in the highest leagues.

Then, you choose another club within the league. You can also get more news coverage for matches against rival clubs via broadcast.

Your team can be customized with its home and away kit, crests, as well as the home stadium. You can change your kits, crests and base stadium at any time.

You can customize any stadium in Career Mode. It lets you choose from one of the generic base stadiums and allows you to change the seat color, pitch pattern, or even the shape.

You can change the atmosphere in your club by choosing from a variety of crowd chants, goal songs and walkout anthems.

For clubs with no licensed stadium, customization is possible.

As you would expect, create a team with a coach and scout builder. You have complete control of your team’s average age and star rating when you create these players. Based on the nationality composition of players from the chosen league, the generation of players for your team is determined by their nationality. For example, let’s say that 7 percent of English Premier League players are French. This means that if a player for your team is created in the English Premier League there will be a 7 percent chance they might be French. EA stated that this keeps your squads authentic, regardless of which league they play in.

Next, you will choose your starting budget. Your transfer budget may start at 1bn depending on your currency. The budget can then be used to sign players.

To change the priorities of your club board, you can also modify them. Domestic and regional priorities will be influenced by your star rating.

There are also changes in Career Mode. You can join as a sub and there are updated match objectives and player growth systems. Also, you will see new cutting-scenes in the dressing room that are shown at the conclusion of every match in Player Career.

Below is a video of a trophy celebration

Finally, Career Mode now has dynamic tifos. EA Sports stated that the old way of relying on fan art for player art is no longer an option.

FIFA 22 allows players to be included in fan tifos before a match. This applies to all players, even the ones that are generated.


FIFA 22 will be released on October 1. For more information, check out our PlayStation 5 impressions.

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