Sadiq: Car owners will pay more for their cars by waging war against drivers Khan intends to increase fines

Transport for London (TfL), recently suggested an increase in the maximum penalty notice (PCN), on red routes, from PS130 up to PS160. The red routes, which make up five per cent of London’s roads and carry as much as 30 percent of its traffic, are major roads.

In an effort to maintain traffic flow, double and single red lines are placed on these roads.

Drivers could be issued a PCN if they park in double or single red zones.

Penalties can be given for illegally parking in loading bays, blocking yellowbox junctions and driving in bus lanes that are not permitted.

The RAC called the price hikes proposed “unnecessary”.

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The previous levy was a deterrent sufficient to stop contraventions.

It is beginning to feel as if the Mayor of London has launched a war against drivers and businesses who rely upon their cars with yet another eye-watering price hike.

The announcement is coming just days after TfL announced that it would increase the Congestion Charge by 30%.

These proposals include increasing the daily fee to PS15, and decreasing the hours of operation for Monday through Friday by four hours.

Residents who live in Congestion Charge zones would receive a 90 percent discount.

TfL’s director for compliance and policing was Siwan Hayward.

She stated that she would rather people obey the rules than be fined.

The proposed rise in fines will increase compliance and improve safety and cleanliness on streets.

Fines will be reduced to PS80 under the proposed new legislation if they are paid in 14 days.

According to City Hall Greens, the PS30 raise could generate up to PS20million in revenue for TfL if the proposal is approved.

TfL invites Londoners to voice their opinion through their website.

The proposal can be viewed for consultation until September 19th.

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