Tax changes on cars that target petrol- and diesel drivers have been made Demand for electric vehicles has been ‘helped by’ them

The introduction of Clean Air Zones across cities and London’s Ultra Low-Emission Zone expansion from October have “encouraged people to adopt EVs,” according to car tax reforms. Fiona Howarth spoke for Octopus Electric Vehicles, stating that the new rules have encouraged drivers to explore the potential impacts of future changes as well as look into possible solutions. spoke to her and she stated that the Clean Air Zones, ULEZ, etc. changes would be beneficial.

They have encouraged many people to get electric cars and explore the potential impact.

Birmingham is charging petrol- and diesel driver PS8 per day for use of roads in city center. This is a huge blow to people who frequent the area.

London’s new ULEZ expansion will cover the entire North and South Circular.

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Ms. Howarth also supports the creation of additional electric charging stations to encourage people to adopt new technologies.

Her comments were further emphasized by her: “We also see the new norm. Lockdown is a way for people to get clean air. They want to be more sustainable.

“And other things like seeing more EVs on the roads, watching their friends driving them.

You will also see chargers popping up all over the place.

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