The complete holiday rules – All countries you can visit and All the restrictions decoded

Which countries are not included in the amber-list?

Before travelling to England, anyone who visited an amber country within the last 10 days will need to pass a Covid exam.

The test must be completed within the 3 days prior to travelling to England.

The COVID-19 test must be booked and paid for by travelers upon arrival in England.

People who are from amber-listed countries must quarantine in England for a minimum of 10 days after arriving in England.

Covid testing is required for all travellers on day one, day two or eight.

The rules for those who were fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to their arrival in England are slightly different.

The UK does not require people who have been fully vaccinated or who were vaccinated in another country that has a vaccination programme approved for them to be in quarantine.

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