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A 3-Step Guide to Help Companies Execute an OrderA successful Influencer Marketing Campaign from an InfluencerPerspective

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A 3-Step Guide to Help Companies Execute an OrderA successful Influencer Marketing Campaign from an InfluencerPerspective

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Many entrepreneurs have not yet tapped into the huge growth potential of influencer marketing. Some entrepreneurs are hesitant to work with influencers because of perceived cost, while others may not have the necessary skills to manage an influencer campaign or create a brief.

Influencers, on the other hand, are content creators who have a large audience. Influencers are content creators who provide value, interact with followers directly, and build trust and connection with their audiences. It’s a simple partnership because their target audience is also your target audience. You don’t have to advertise with a stranger who doesn’t trust or know you. Instead, use an influencer to tap into your audience and reach them.

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It’s like an endorsement. The influencer recommends you to their followers and makes a friendly introduction. This is a much more valuable endorsement than any sponsored advertisement that you see in your feed.

Your audience is more likely to sign up for your newsletter, or purchase your product if it has been recommended by someone they trust. Because they have been in communication with your audience for years, the influencer has an insider’s view of what their target audience likes and dislikes.

These are three simple steps that entrepreneurs can follow to set up, manage and successfully execute an influencer marketing campaign that will help you grow your company.

1. 1.Defining success is key

Prior to reaching out to influencers in your marketing campaigns, be clear about the goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness? To reach your targeted audience? It could be used to increase your email list or to invite potential customers to your group. Is it for increasing sales of a product you are launching, or to drive traffic to your next promotion?

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These are the ultimate goals for every business. However, each influencer marketing campaign should only have one goal. Although sales are the ultimate goal, you will want to begin brand awareness campaigns when your business or product is new. This is where you want to reach as wide a range of people as possible and introduce yourself to them without asking them to sign up for your newsletter or purchase.

Influencer campaigns tend to be brand awareness campaigns. The content can be created by influencers to demonstrate the product and then educate the audience about how the product fits into their lives. Brands who are able to see the long-term benefits of marketing can be a great choice. People don’t just see one product post, and then expect to purchase it immediately. People need to view products multiple times before they will consider purchasing it, just like in advertising.

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2. 2.Pay influencers to do their job

While some influencers may work without payment, most are just beginning their careers and might not yet have an audience. It is still a good idea to pay people for their efforts and time.

It’s more than just taking photos of you and your product. We are also the producers. This means we think about the storyline and concepts. This doesn’t include time it takes to build and interact with our audience.

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In my years of experience working in entertainment marketing and corporate advertising, I have seen companies pay thousands for one photo shoot that involved multiple vendors or service providers. This is because the influencer offers all of these services in a bundle deal. So think carefully before you give a $30 payment, a coupon code or a free product. Consider the impact they have on you and your audience through their creativity, energy and connection.

It is best to collaborate with influencers who are loyal customers or fans of your brand. This is something I highly recommend on Instagram. You can search your Instagram feed to see who has tagged you brand. If you are a local company, you can search for people who have used your hashtags. You can search keywords like “beauty blogger” and “beauty influencer”, if you are a brand new product.

Many influencers will have their email address listed on their profiles. If they do not, you can send them an inquiry. Send them details about your campaign and use the subject line “Paid Partnership Opportunity With (Company).” You could say, “Hi! We love your travel content, and would love for you to partner with us to promote our upcoming launch of X. For three weeks, we’re seeking one weekly in-feed posting. Stories should start at (date). The campaign budget is $500. If you are interested or have questions, please let us know. We look forward to working with you! Any information regarding the brand, including story and values (this is important to me), and product description can be attached or included.

Remember that influential people with large followings get tons of campaign proposal every day. This subject line will help you stand out among the others who are offering no payment. Although I do still collaborate with a handful of people, I am aware that my time is precious and the value of my content and audience. Therefore, I prefer to focus on paid partnerships.

Once the influencer replies, communication and negotiation can begin. This partnership is about being open-minded and understanding that it’s a partnership. Respect creative boundaries. Remember that influencers have the unique insight and connection to your audience.

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3. Give them a briefing with creative ideas

After the influencer has accepted the assignment, and all agreements have been signed, it is time to provide a brief with all details about the campaign. The brief should include the campaign goals, guidelines and content, key points for the caption and required hashtags, as well as a moodboard and possible mood boards. You will see a lot less back-and forth during the campaign if you include more information in your creative brief. It makes it easy to understand the dates and timeline, as well as the approval process, if necessary.

Clear communication and an open mind are the keys to a successful influencer marketing campaign. These are the steps to help you grow your company by working with influencers that can produce engaging content, have an established connection with your audience, and can also be branded.

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