Britney Spears’s dad says there are no grounds for Britney to leave. Challenge his conservatorship

Britney’s father, who is fighting to reclaim his control over her finances and affairs from a challenge by Britney Spears, says there are no grounds for him being removed from conservatorship.

Jamie Spears stated in a court filing that he “dutifully, faithfully and without any mistakes” had been appointed conservator of the daughter’s estate.

According to Mr Spears, Jodi Montgomery, a court-appointed specialist who supervises Britney Spears’s financial decisions and Britney Spears herself handles the money, called him last month, “distraught” seeking help for his mental health.

Singer Britney Spears arrives at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in New York
Singer Britney Spears at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in New York

Ms. Montgomery, her lawyer and Mr. Spears argued in response that the call had been “misrepresented” and “manipulated”.

This filing represents the latest installment in an ongoing dispute about Britney’s management. After concerns over her mental state, the popstar was put in a controversial conservatorship program in 2008.

Her supporters believe she is close to being free of the conservatorship Pic: AP
Concerns over the conservatorship has sparked the ‘Free Britney’ movement

Although her father is still a major influence in her life, the singer has recently stated that she will be leaving him.Never perform the same thing againHe has been repeatedly called upon to be removed as long as the situation continues.

The filing by Mr. Spears was in response to Matthew Rosengart’s court papers, filed the day prior. He requested an emergency hearing to remove him from conservatorship.

According to the singer, he claimed that he was forced to undergo medical treatment or therapy and received improper care. He also claims that he had been denied personal rights. Mr. Spears calls these allegations “untested.”

Up until 2019, Mr Spears was responsible for his daughter’s financial decisions and life. Ms Montgomery assumed those responsibility.

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