German modern pentathlon coach punches horse, is Disqualified starting at 2021 Olympics

Think about the horse’s ans.

This is precisely why Kim Raisner, a German modern pentathlon coach punched a horse on Friday during the event. She was disqualified from the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

Annika Schleu, a German rider, was struggling to control and corral the horse during the event. This eventually led Raisner to punch the beast in the back and ball up her fist.

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Raisner was also heard shouting at Schleu, yelling to him to make the horse work harder. Raisner was ejected from the games for her clear violations of sport rules.

Saint Boy refused to jump in the event. Another rider from ROC, Gulnaz Gubaydullina had similar problems with Saint Boy. The event coordinators claim that the horse suffered trauma from an earlier rider.

Before riding, riders have twenty minutes to familiarize themselves with their horse. Schleu and her trainer didn’t seem to be able to settle poor Pony down.

The arena was filled with tears as Schleu left, and photos were posted on the internet of both the horse who had been upset and the crying Schleu.

Horse and rider can be hurt if mounts aren’t cooperative during events like these. We must treat all four-legged friends of the horse with respect and take responsibility for their future.

You might be told by the horses and judges to “buck up” if you don’t.

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