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How would it be if Rainbow Six Siege was pronounced dead?

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Imagine this scenario: You’re in an intense 1v1 match in competitive shooting and have put your opponent in an untenable position. The two of them have a small area to work from and will need that to get some timing advantage in the last exchange of gunfire.

It’s easy to see from your point of view. Start at your head, aim for the door, then approach it with a narrow angle. Then swing quickly around so they are in your crosshairs. Round win. Left mouse button. You might find them in a crouched or prone position. In this case, you can just flick the mouse down to get a headshot. Sometimes you might not be able to see the enemy, but you will sometimes get the angles right. You ask why? They put themselves in the most dangerous position: they are prone.

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Prone means you are unable to move. Your legs may stick out at corners and reveal your position. It makes you sit down, which is why it works so well. It could be as simple as an optic’s bulky frame covering a player who is positioned at a very close angle. These situations are common for both pros and casual players.

Aurelie Debant, Ubisoft’s gaming director has confirmed that the team doesn’t think about “removing prone” from Siege. However, the pros and cons of this move are growing. Let’s imagine a bit. Imagine if Rainbow Six Siege had eliminated prone completely.

Mozzie detonating C4 on Consulate in Rainbow Six Siege

Almost immediately after death, players feel less annoyed. Six years of being shot at by enemy players under desks and windows begins to fade. In a matter of months, the playerbase began to recall the days they were killed by enemies under desks and windows.

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The process is significantly accelerated by not having to drone players who are hiding in tubs.

Your stack’s Caveira main seems distraught. The update has changed their behavior. They are no longer hiding in the corners or waiting for the last round of a round before leaving the house in search of free and pointless kills. Their roamer is delighted by the excitement of the rest of their team. Perhaps they will start to influence rounds instead of hoping for a turn in 1v5 post-plant.

Attacking teams have higher win rates. Drones are significantly faster when players don’t have to hide in tubs or bookshelves. It’s no longer necessary to have lengthy post-round discussions in which you are accused of not drone correctly. It’s easy to confidently switch between crouched and popular positions, without having to worry about what the others are doing.

Glaz's thermal sniper scope in Rainbow Six Siege

The steep learning curve for Siege is surprisingly easy to master. The new players won’t need to be taught the difficult truth that each map contains a dozen different pixels-wide prone angles. Instead, they will just need to pay attention to the 100 different pixel wide crouch or standing angles. Much better.

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There are also downsides. Rainbow Six Siege YouTubers are currently struggling to locate new hiding places for their “12 broken” videos.

More serious issues await Defenders. Defenders face more serious problems. They are unable to capture drones hidden under or inside ventilations. This creates an imbalance in information gaming. As attackers can park drones anywhere on the map, they are able not to be stopped. The YouTubers are also in trouble because Valkyrie mains cannot lie down and place cameras at unorthodox places.

Attacking Chalet with Thermite and Buck in Rainbow Six Siege

This realization prompts an update. While prone can return, you cannot aim down your sights when in such a position. This is the ideal compromise. It shouldn’t surprise then that Macie Jay was one of Siege’s most beloved content creators in 2020. Caveira mains cheer (their colleagues despair), but attackers must still search for roamers. However, there are no inconsistent gunfights in which the person in the most difficult position wins.

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be. We just wish we could test it. A separate game version that developers could use to test different gameplay options. If you’d like, a testing server. Wait…

PCGamesN’s latest regular feature series is “What if?” You can find more hypotheses every Saturday, including thoughtful speculation on actually-plausible developments in the industry, dream crossovers and nonsense such as Half-Life 3.

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