Princess Charlotte plays with Butterflies

Little Nature Fan Princess Charlotte plays with Butterflies Snapshots New

Nature’s wonders. To commemorate the U.K.’s Butterflies Conservation “Country” Initiative, Prince William And Kate DuchessThey shared a photo of their little girl Princess Charlotte.

In this Instagram photo, the 6-year old princess holds rare butterflies in her hands. Her hair is down and she wears a pink T-shirt with floral patterns, as well as pink bottoms.

Princess Charlotte plays with Butterflies
Shutterstock: Princess Charlotte

“We wanted to share these beautiful Peacock and Red Admiral butterflies as part of Big #ButterflyCount initiative taking place across the UK,” the Duke and Duchess, both 39, captioned the post. “@savebutterflies are encouraging us all to count these incredible creatures because not only are they beautiful creatures to be around but they are also extremely important. As both food and pollinators, butterflies play an important role in the ecosystem.

They concluded their note by saying, “Hopefully, you can beat last years total, @savebutterflies.”

Charlotte and her brothers Prince George8. Prince Louis 3, 3 Nature is a favorite of many.. They are their grandmother Carole Middleton In an interview with April, Judith even shared how she helps her grandchildren connect to nature.

Middleton, who is 66 years old, explained to Saga magazine that if I am planting with my grandchildren I prefer it set up at “activity stations” with each child’s own trowel and pot. It’s not worth inviting children to join you in an activity only to find out that they have to spend time looking for equipment or clearing space. You’ll lose their interest quickly and they will soon drift off. Children should learn to appreciate nature. One way to do that is to let them get muddy.

Party Pieces founder, Lisa Johnson explained to us that many of her grandchildren help her in digging up and planting her vegetables in the backyard.

Middleton said that there is no better way of encouraging healthy eating than for your grandchildren to observe how their food grows and then let them choose their own.

One year prior, September 2020 saw the arrival of Princess and her Brothers. Starstruck: Meet a broadcaster David Attenborough. In an Instagram photo, the five-member family chatted with Attenborough (95) outside Kensington Palace. Charlotte, wearing a blue gown and holding her arms up to her face as she was shocked when Attenborough first approached her.

The royal couple wrote, “The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge are thrilled to share new photos of their family with @DavidAttenborough.” The photographs were taken in Kensington Palace’s gardens, following Sir David and The Duke’s outdoor screening of Sir David’s new feature film “David Attenborough – A Life on Our Planet”.

Before the visit, they recorded several videos with their children in which each child asked Attenborough questions about nature via their official twitter page. Charlotte asked: “I like spiders. Do you also like spiders?”

Attenborough replied, “I love spiders, I’m so glad you like them! They are wonderful! Is it any wonder that so many people fear them? You’ve probably seen one try to make its web. It’s amazing.”

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