Netflix Still Searches for Its Own John, Kate

Netflix Still Searches for Its Own John, Kate Wick

The trailer for Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s action thriller features a familiar plot.

Kate is a Netflix action thriller that features Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Huntress in Birds of Prey) as a ruthless criminal operative who has 24 hours left to take revenge on her murderers.

It seems that the streaming site is looking for female John Wick characters. However, it can be harder than it appears. Then there was 2020’s The Old Guard. Charlize Theron is the leader of an immortal band of mercenaries in a quest for revenge. Theron was great, but the movie itself was not very good. Netflix just released Gunpowder Milkshake last month. It featured a great cast, all the necessary elements and some amazing fight choreography. As with the Old Guard it was not easy and Karen Gillan seemed unsuited for this role. Gunpowder Milkshake felt flat and predictable. It was a exercise in style, not substance.

Kate’s basic plot is familiar. It’s basically a variation on D.O.A. 1950, where a man, a notary public and accountant, walks into a station to claim he was poisoned. He has only days to live, and must find out who killed him. The film has been made public by someone who failed to renew the copyright in time. Three direct remakes of the film have been made: Color Me Dead (1969), D.O.A. (1988) (starring Dennis Quaid), Dead on Arrival(2017). The film also influenced many others, including the 2006 movie Crank in which Jason Statham portrays a British assassin who must keep his adrenaline levels high to avoid being poisoned.

Kate looks like a mix of D.O.A. and Crank. According to the official description: Kate, a meticulous and skilled assassin who is at the top of her field, seems like a combination of D.O.A. and Crank. Uncharacteristically, Kate blows an assignment in Tokyo targeting the yakuza. She quickly realizes that she has been poisoned. This is a slow and brutal execution which gives her 24 hours to exact her revenge. Kate and the teenager daughter of one her victims form an unlikely friendship as her body rapidly deteriorates.

The Content

It’s strange that filmmakers believe female assassins must bond with young girls in order to display their softer emotional side. Cedric Nicholas-Troyan, director of Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) received an Oscar nomination. He made his directorial debut with The Huntsman. This trailer shows that he put this background to great use in Kath. It will be interesting to see how Nicolas-Troyan adapts this formula, even though it has a boring title.

I loved The Huntress in Birds of Prey. This was mainly due to Winstead’s punchy delivery which highlights both her single-minded determination and extreme social awkwardness. This is an example: She has defeated several villains with her athleticism and efficiency, but she looks up to find her fellow hunters staring at her. What? She says it, unaware that she’s a real badass. Winstead could be a real action star if she has the opportunity to show off her skills in Kate.

Trailer for Kate opens with Kate working on a project that ends badly when she fails to hit the kill shot. Kate only has 14 to 15 hours left before she can exact her revenge when she checks in with the doctor. Varrick, her handler (Woody Harrelson), tells Kate that she has been poisoned. He then asks whom the target is for this task. Varrick informs her that it’s “the grand honcho” of the yakuza, who is hidden in shadows and “never surfaces…ever.” Kate responds, “Somebody knows,” and sets her sights on Ani (Miku Pat Martineau), for more information.

Ani seems to be able to identify the culprit and offer her assistance. Ani seems to be more than a little in love with her new friend. She exclaims, “You are like that person in the nightmare.” You don’t need to take shite from any dudes. Your fear is real. You’re a killer girl. There is plenty of footage showing Kate performing to prove that Ani is correct. Ani is confident and assures all the criminals they will die, even though the odds of success are only 20 to 1. Kate is likely to take revenge. This should teach Ani a lesson in giving an assassin highly-trained a slow-acting, deadly poison so that he has ample time to respond.

Kate launches on Netflix September 10.

Original publication: Ars Technica.

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