Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth “Placed The Monarchy 1st” When It Came ToHarry and Meghan

Make a decision. Royal expert Matthew Dennison,Queen Elizabeth II When it came to tensions with her grandson she decided to stand by the monarchy. Prince Harry He and his wife. Meghan Markle.

Dennison recalls the times that followed January 2020’s announcement by the Duke and Duchess, The Queen.

Queen Elizabeth

The author said that Elizabeth was disappointed and hurt by the circumstances. She noted that 95-year-old ruler had made a quick decision and decided that Meghan, 39, and Harry 36 would not be allowed to continue using their titles of “royal highness”.

“Elizabeth’s formal statement was a loving endearment: It was an attempt at reasserting control in the interest of damage limitation and a decisive, but dark, beginning to a new century,” writes the U.K native in her book. The book will be out September 1. “Elizabeth was not a sentimental woman. She had always acted the way she knew.”

According to the Behind the Mask author, “She had always honored her father’s conviction that the ‘highest distinction is the service for others’ and had put the monarchy first. She was sure that it would never be a secondary calling.”

The Suits alumni and Harry made their decision. They moved to North America in February with Archie, their 2-year old son. But the drama did not stop. According to Buckingham Palace, the couple announced in February that they would be making their absence permanent from royal life. This was a move that “saddened” Queen Elizabeth.

The couple participated in an interview with CBS a few weeks later. The couple revealed that they were pregnant (Little Lilibet was born in June), and discussed the mental health problems they had experienced during Meghan’s stay at the palace.

Shortly thereafter, a source revealed to Us only that the queen was in constant crisis meetings since the interview.

The insider stated that she had barely taken time for herself in the weeks since the interview. The insider said that the queen had always held a special place for Harry, and she looked out for him. “She is shocked and hurt by this.”

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