The New BMW M2 rendering looks Probably Pretty Good

We’re now going to look at the render for the BMW M2 Division, after Frank Stephenson’s brutal review of the BMW 2 Series. It’s sort of. It’s not a look at the M2, but merely a rendering. Despite Stephenson’s disappointment, it is likely to be quite accurate. You can view the rendering here, although we don’t have it.

Some leaked photos showed us the front end of the new-gen 2 Series. Although it wasn’t attached to the vehicle, the bumper gave us an idea about the shape of the front end. The BMW M2 is not for you if you think the 2 Series’ front end was a bit sloppy.

The BMW M2 will get a more blocky grille design instead of its handsome kidney grilles from the 2 Series. The kidneys are designed with three angles right, but only one angle keeps them from being completely rectangular. However, the lower bumper features perfectly rectangular side intakes that flank a larger and more rectangular central air intake. As if the ruler was the only tool for designing the front bumper, it’s almost as though that is all there was.

Rendering by @bmw43__

This front bumper might work well for Cadillac’s modern design language, which is all straight edges and right angles. However, it doesn’t match the sleek lines of any BMW, 2 Series or 2 Series. BMW enthusiasts won’t be happy if this bumper goes into production.

The render fixes one of 2 Series’ greatest problems at the rear. The black panel on the bottom of rear bumper of production 2er looks completely out of place. It is solved by the BMW M2 rendering’s rear diffuser, quad exhausts and other features.

The next generation BMW M2 will be an absolute blast to drive. It has a brand new chassis and a much better engine. To enjoy the BMW M2, we may have to forget about its design. You, M3 Competition?


Publited Sat, 07 August 2021 at 15:04:06 +0000

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