E30 BMW M40 engine restoration

VIDEO: This E30 BMW M40 engine restoration is a great example of what you can do.

Amateur DIYer, I love restoration videos. It’s amazing to see old and rusty items come back to life. It’s all great. This video shows how an M40 BMW engine is restored from its E30 BMW. The M40B16 engine, a naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters that was used in many BMWs from the same era, is an example. It came from the E30 BMW 316i. This engine is currently undergoing restoration.

E30 BMW M40 engine restoration

Part four of this video shows the final part of restoration. It is the throttle body and intake manifold. Three other videos show how the rest of engine is being restored.

The first part of this video is the dismantling of the entire intake manifold, throttle body, fuel injectors, and more. If you’re into wrenching, this video is therapeutic to watch, as it shows off this very old rusty engine getting thoroughly taken apart, each piece getting carefully restored, and then completely reassembled. It even gets some new technology, such as upgraded fuel injectors to increase power and performance.

It is a cathartic experience to watch the manifold remove rust from its surface and get a new coat of paint. It is returning to its former glory and will work exactly as it did in 1980. It’s very satisfying to take something tired and old and give it new life. Giving an older car a second life instead of spending tons on a brand new vehicle is much better. Many of us don’t have the skills, time or patience to do a job like this. This makes it very enjoyable to watch a video like that.

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