York Road Plan: Campaigners alert
Could disabled drivers be 'excluded'

York Road Plan: Campaigners alert Could disabled drivers be ‘excluded’

York Road Plan: Campaigners alert
Could disabled drivers be 'excluded'

New pedestrian zones that prohibit vehicles from accessing roads during certain hours have been opposed by the York Disability Rights Forum. The campaigners claim that the proposed footstreets will increase disadvantages and lead to some individuals being excluded from central York.

The City of York Council made the decision to extend footstreets permanent, which they said was not a way of minimising any disadvantages faced by people with disabilities.

The steps taken to make the city center more accessible are not fast enough and will still result in certain disabled persons being expelled from the centre.

We continue to receive feedback from those affected by these changes.

It is shocking to read about the devastating effects it had on their daily lives, quality of life, sense of belonging, and social lives.

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York Human Rights City Network recently released a statement stating that the plans for footstreets have not been developed using a human rights approach.

The York Human Rights City Network stated that the changes could have a detrimental effect on citizens with disabilities.

According to the organisation, “We concluded that no human rights approach was used in the development of current plans.”

Disabled people’s organisations (DPOs), such as York Disability Rights Forum or York Accessibility Action, have highlighted the disproportionate effect of these plans on York’s citizens with disabilities.

The residents said that they understood how pedestrianization would impact businesses and disabled persons as well as the local population.

Additional Blue Badge Parking was installed in five areas near the perimeter of the pedestrianization scheme.

York Council acknowledges that this cannot be considered a replacement for what was lost.

A thorough review was also conducted to examine accessibility problems in the centre of the city.

Express.co.uk was informed by a spokesperson for City of York Council that they take their duties under the Equalities Act extremely seriously. This is why they are undertaking the largest accessibility review in York since its pedestrianized area.

“Engagement of disabled persons is the core of the review. This allows us to understand all issues, and make recommendations that balance access while also protecting the economy, jobs and the people who use the city’s centre.

We have already restored blue badge access at Deangate and provided more blue badge parking.

This includes making our parking lots more accessible and adjusting the hours of the footstreets. It also considers access for people with disabilities who ride on bicycles. The Shopmobility service is also being reviewed. “

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