After Nicolas Cage had “temper tantrum”, Lisa Marie Presley split from Nicolas Cage.

After Nicolas Cage had "temper tantrum", Lisa Marie Presley split from Nicolas Cage.

Lisa Marie Presley was the sole child of Elvis Presley. The American singer has been married a number of times in her adult life. Just a few years after divorcing the King of Pop Michael Jackson in 1996, Lisa Marie started a relationship with Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage. After two years of their intense relationship, the couple got married in August 2002.

Lisa Marie (34 at the moment) and Nic (38) eloped in Hawaii, where they tied the knot.

Both were married previously, and were hopeful about their newly found marriage, in spite of the reported arguments.

The relationship was not what they had hoped for. The couple was featured in many media outlets during their three-month relationship before they filed for divorce on November 25, 2002.

Although the divorce was finally finalized in 2004, they still had one of their most bitter fights over an immense yacht.

According to reports, the couple set sail in a battle against one another. This resulted Lisa Marie’s $65,000 yellow-colored diamond engagement ring getting tossed into the sea. (Via InStyle

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Nic hired divers to locate the ring underwater after the fight was over.

The Leaving Las Vegas actor was not successful. His wife had lost her engagement ring so he made it up by gifting her a bigger trinket, this time a 10-carat version.

Nic, a fervent Elvis fanatic, was under scrutiny for his alleged numerous fights with the woman. Another claim was that Nic only dated the woman due to his obsessive love for Elvis.

Nic continued to deny these rumours by saying that there was no answering machine with his voice as Elvis’s. (Via Barbara Walters)

Walters was told by Nic: “Sometimes, when two people are strong and have their own personalities but very intense, it can be difficult to mesh.

It’s sad, and it makes me miss her everyday. Sometimes I feel sorry that we had to rush the end of the marriage, and other times I regret having to speed the process. But it seemed as though it was not going away.

Although Lisa Marie seemed filled with regret, she had some sharp words for Nic.

Years later, she told the press that he phoned to apologize and regret having done this [file for divorce]. Things like that.

Lisa Marie continued: “You cannot have a temper tantrum, then call me four day later, and expect everything to be okay again…. So, it was basically like we were two 12-year olds playing in a sandbox.

She said, “We are both so dramatic, dynamic, that it was unbelievably great when it was good and it was terrible for everyone when it was bad. (Via Rolling Stone).

Later, she told Larry King that Nic was her adore. There was a common bond. Our connection is a result of our being gypsy-spirited and tyrannical pirates. One pirate will marry another and sink the ship, that’s what it boils down to.


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