Amaze Media Labs acquires Jam Street Media

This combined podcast industry powerhouse is designed to assist aspiring broadcasters in crafting their own stories.

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Amaze Media Labs was founded last week by Robert Tuchman and Brett Sklar. It also announced the acquisition of Jam Street Media by Matty Staudt. Staudt, a well-known producer of podcasts branded for organizations such as The San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank or Cisco Systems, also produces original content like Appalachian Mysteria (The Real Donnie Brasco) and Deep Cover The Real Donnie Brasco.

According to recent Nielsen research, branded podcasts are highly effective in achieving key metrics such as awareness and purchasing intent. Podcasts have also been gaining popularity as part of brand annual marketing plans.

Amaze Media Labs owns several podcast channels in the culinary and sports worlds, such as The Hockey Podcast Network, The Basketball Podcast Network, and Eat, Drink & Dine.

Tuchman hosts Success Happens, one of Entrepreneur Media’s most popular podcasts. This weekly podcast offers sponsors the opportunity to reach a large audience and has in-depth interviews with some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs. The featured guests include Alex Rodriguez, Jeff Immelt and Alex Blank.

Storytelling is one the most ancient forms of communication. Combining Amaze Media Labs with Jam Street Media is truly creating the next level in storytelling. This will connect celebrities, brands and live experiences to the audience that’s eager to hear their leadership, motivation and education. Matty Staudt of Jam Street is a true industry giant. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to be able to collaborate with him.

Jam Street Media’s podcasts are well-known for their ability to evoke empathy and education. Staudt is a radio veteran since he was 16 years old in Keyser, West Virginia. He had a long and distinguished career that included stations such as WJFK, WNEW, Alice Radio (KLLC), and Live 105 in San Francisco (KITS). Staudt joined the Stitcher start-up team in 2007 as the first director of content. He then went on to become the first VP for Podcast Programming at iHeartRadio, before launching Jam Street.

Since 2007, Stitcher was founded. It’s been a pleasure to see our industry evolve. Staudt said that creating beautiful programs that showcase great audio storytelling was my passion. Jam Street and Amaze Media Labs will enable hundreds of brands reach their target audiences, making them the most valuable clients in the industry. Robert and I are both passionate about quality and our shows reflect that.

Combining the companies will immediately take effect.

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