Back 4 Blood Beta beats Warframe, TF2’s player count in Its first days

This week’s beta launch of Back 4 Blood was a success. Players flocked to the game, eagerly awaiting its sequel to Valve’s Left 4 Dead classics. There is no word on Left 4 Dead 3 yet. Back 4 Blood, despite being still a closed beta, has seen almost 100K concurrent users in the first few days.

As tracked by SteamDB, yesterday the Back 4 Blood beta hit a concurrent player count peak of over 98K players, just shy of the 100K player count that would’ve looked fantastic in a headline but oh well. It’s still got a chance to get there too, since the Back 4 Blood closed beta transforms into the full open beta this Thursday, August 12.

At the same time as Back 4 Blood was hitting 98K, it was seeing off competition from such Steam stalwarts as Team Fortress 2 – which only managed a peak in the last week of 92K, and that was before the Back 4 Blood beta even released.

The beta saw Warframe and Ark: Survival Evolved rise to prominence. It was also the 8th most-played game on Steam at one time, just behind Rust and Grand Theft Auto 5.

The current player count stands at 65K concurrent users, although it has slowed down a bit. This number could rise later in the day. Remember that this beta is closed and invite-only. The real beta will be open later in the week. Back 4 Blood launches in October. It’s still impressive, showing a desire to create a true successor for Left 4 Dead.

Publited at Sun, 8 Aug 2021 17:03:12 +0000

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