Briton warns of costly PCR mistakes – ‘you don’t get money back’

Although testing is a great way to facilitate international travel, many people find it prohibitive due to the high cost. Even those who do not consider the cost of testing should make sure that they purchase the best ones.

British traveller Sylvia set off for France in July alongside her husband so the couple could check up on their second property, having not been able to do so for almost a year.

Sylvia stated that she had experienced cancellations of flights, “like a yoyo” and that the first flight was cancelled on July 2. She wanted to visit her house, but also to ensure everything is okay.

The homeowner researched extensively before she left for her trip to make sure that “all the I’s were crossed over all the T’s”.

However, testing requirements changed rapidly due to the constantly changing rules of the amber listing and France specifically.

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For their day two test, the couple paid PS120.

The Passenger Locator Form didn’t accept the reference code from the paid-for test the couple entered.

Elle continued, “I said to her: “Do you believe it’s because the day eight and day two tests have not been completed?”

We went to the Government Website and read it again. It said that it was a package.

We realized that they meant it when we bought the second test and the eighth-day one.

The couple, who already had to pay for one test, now face a second “package” purchase. However they didn’t think that they would need the eighth test.

She said, “We had no choice but to cancel the tests for which we received a voucher.”

Sylvia cautions that although the vouchers can be used in the future, the centres don’t refund the money.

She said, “If they have booked your test they will issue a coupon if you notify them within 72 hours of the cancellation or if there is an alternative flight.

You won’t receive a coupon if you call up less than 48 hours prior to the test.

They have given us a coupon to redeem for another stage, but it’s not your money back. It is just a gift voucher that can be used at any of the test centres.

She urges them to understand all aspects of their holiday booking before they make it.

She said, “We had the need to book the two-day and eight-day test again and it was accepted by the Government when we submitted that reference on the Government form.”

Sylvia claims that even though they do buy their test as required, the associated costs are ridiculous.

She said, “The price of it is absurd.”

We chose the most expensive option.

We paid PS60 each, which is sufficient.

The antigen test was done, and it cost EUR33. For the return trip, we received a PS250 for each of us.

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