Calvin Johnson states in a Hall of Fame speech that he was the most active player Career with back injury: “The pain has never stopped”

After nine years of service, Calvin Johnson decided to retire from the NFL in 2016. Johnson was 30 years old and was returning from a year in which he had 88 receptions, 1,214 yards, and nine touchdowns.

Johnson said that Johnson called it quits after enduring injuries which dated back to his debut season as a pro football player.

Johnson stated that Johnson suffered from a severe back injury in his first year of NFL service. Johnson said, “It was so severe at the time [that] it couldn’t feel me legs. My career was over, I thought.

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Johnson was clearly able to continue playing but it took its toll on his meteoric rise to stardom.

Johnson stated, “What many don’t realize is the path to recovery from the back injury that year and the mental and physical pain I endured well into my career.” Johnson said, “But that second year, even with all the pain and back injury, I decided that I would be the greatest, most dominant NFL receiver every time that I stepped on the field.”

Johnson did that. Johnson was able to make six consecutive Pro Bowls between 2010-15, and he also earned three straight All-Pro nominations in 2011-13. In 2012, he was the NFL’s leading receiver with 1,964 yards.

He was successful, but eventually the pain took him down.

Johnson stated that Johnson was unable to control the pain no matter what I did. Johnson said that the pain was so intense, that he would do anything to ease it and still be able play. It was affecting my health and quality of my life.

Johnson said, “And then I knew that my days in the league were over. However, I accepted this as I had enjoyed each moment and left everything on the field.

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Johnson made the decision to retire. Johnson retired and partnered with his former colleague Rob Sims to start Primitiv Cannabis Business. This company studies the impact of cannabis on chronic pain. Johnson and Sims partnered with Harvard in 2019 on research to study medical marijuana as a possible treatment for CTE.

“Our vision is we’re trying to change the stigma around cannabis,” Sims told ESPN. It’s not called bud. It is medicine.

Johnson also addressed the stigma during his Hall of Fame speech.

He said, “There are so many people in this world who live with pain right now. I want to talk to them for a minute.” “I want to let you know that I care about you and that you are important. Keep fighting and don’t give up on the pain.

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