Elon Musk tweeted a brutal truth with just 8 words The Most Common Misunderstandings of People

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It starts with one of Musk’s tweets — a reply tweet, actually — which hinted at an important distinction that many ambitious people gloss over. In reality, many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t realize this.

The whole thing came in response to a new book that claims that Musk wanted to sell Telsa to Apple a few years back, but only on the condition that he become the new CEO of Apple.

Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook denied the reports. On Twitter, however, someone suggested that Musk would make a great choice as the CEO of the company. Musk reacted to that suggestion in just eight words.

“I do not want to be the CEO of any company.”

This seems strange considering Musk is the CEO of two highly-sought after companies, and also heavily involved with many others. It’s almost as though Kevin Durant suddenly declared that he doesn’t want his basketball career, or Donald Trump declaring that he has no plans to run for president.

It is a reflection of a feeling that I have heard many business leaders and entrepreneurs express over the past decade.

Let me sum up what they have told me.

  • Entrepreneurship can be a calling. __S.20__
  • However, what about being CEO? It’s an interesting job.

Just think about the dictionary definition of the CEO position:

The highest ranking person at a company, or institution and ultimately responsible for managing management decisions.

It starts strong and promises (“the highest-ranking individual !”),”), but quickly moves to something many innovative people find less attractive (“responsible in making managerial decisions”).

This is a harsh truth. It’s a brutal truth. While outsiders may confuse the roles, being an innovator and entrepreneur are two completely different things than being a CEO. People who want to be in one of these roles can end up being forced to take on the other.

Perhaps the confusion is due to the multiple titles we use for icons of entrepreneurship:

  • Jeff Bezos, the former CEO and founder of Amazon is an example.
  • Bill Gates served as both cofounder and chief executive officer of Microsoft.
  • Musk is the both founder and CEO of SpaceX, and one of the five founders and CEO of Tesla.

It’s not the same as dreaming, designing and building. But it is the distinction between the creative and practical aspects of running a business.

You will see that Musk excels in most of those things. Musk seems to even enjoy some of these things.

Are there any better marketers on the planet than Tesla? Tesla, the most valued car manufacturer in the world, doesn’t pay a cent on advertising. That’s a big one.

Who among the CEOs excels at recruiting and human resource management? __S.40__

What about Finance? Logistic? Relations with stakeholders?

Compliance with regulations? (Actually that’s not his favourite.

However, no one is better placed to grasp the differences between these roles.

In fact, reporter James Clayton of the BBC dug up a telling, longer quote — that Musk apparently gave under oath in a deposition — about how he feels about being CEO of Tesla:

It is a horrible job that I hate and would prefer to be able to focus my efforts on engineering and design. I must keep the job or Tesla will die.

There is clearly a strong mercurial motive. Musk reportedly made $6.7 billion during 2020 for his work as CEO of Tesla alone.

This is almost twelve times the amount of the CEO second in pay at a U.S. publicly traded company. However, this huge figure confirms that Musk is free to choose what he wants to do.

Musk’s tweet about wanting to not be the CEO of any company was perhaps fleeting.

Perhaps that was how he felt Friday night, but the next Monday saw him thrilled to have taken over as leader.

Perhaps he is like most of us in agreeing with Ralph Waldo Emerson, a 19th-century poet who believed consistency was the hobgoblin for little minds.

It doesn’t alter the harsh truth. You can have the vision of the future, but it’s another thing entirely. However, it’s quite another to take on the responsibility and make the small decisions necessary to reach that goal.

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