For the 2022 BMW 2 Series, we have new M performance parts Coupe

The new BMW 2 Series Coupe will launch an updated range of M Performance Parts when it goes on sale in the fall. Although the official press release did not mention the M Performance Parts, several BMW websites now show a selection of the new offerings. The usual suspects will be present, as always. The front of the 2 Series Coupe is redesigned with an optional carbon fiber trim at the kidney grille.

Moving towards the bottom of the front fascia and you will be greeted by a carbon fiber spoiler which not only adds some extra downforce, but it also gives the car an even more aggressive look. The rear-end is not forgotten either. A beautiful and sporty carbon fiber spoiler sits on top of the trunk matching perfectly with the Alpine White color and the blacked out taillights. Of course, the diffuser goes through a functional and visual change and now features a more aggressive design in the typical carbon fiber material.

No other parts are currently shown, but it’s fair to assume that a side of side skirts and carbon fiber mirror caps are part of the M Performance Catalog, along with aftermarket wheels in different sizes and colors, and naturally, an aftermarket exhaust system as well. We expect to see the full range of 2 Series M Performance Parts being released in the next few months.

This compact 2 Series Coupe model is one of very few pure models within the BMW range. The G42 series of compact cars was built by the Bavarians on a front-wheel-drive platform. This means that the G42 is the only low-end model to keep true to its core values. It features rear-wheel drives, an ideal 50/50 axle weight, and the legendary 6-cylinder Inline engines.

BMW really differentiated the 2 Series from the rest of the lineup on the outside — its headlights, grille, Hofmeister kink, taillights, and overall design language is entirely different from everything else with a Roundel. However, the interior is similar to what we’ve seen in other new BMWs. A series of M Performance Parts will be available for the cabin as well.

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