George Harrison speaks out on John Lennon's criticisms in The Beatles

George Harrison speaks out on John Lennon’s criticisms in The Beatles

George Harrison speaks out on John Lennon's criticisms in The Beatles

After The Beatles split up in 1970 each of the band members began their own solo careers. In November 1970 George Harrison released his third solo studio album, All Things Must Pass. After it came out, however, his former bandmate John Lennon made a snide comment about it in an interview.

Rolling Stone was told by Lennon: “I don’t know… I think that it’s all right. At home, that type of music is not something I would listen to.

“I don’t want to offend George’s feelings. I don’t know how to respond to it.”

All Things Must Pass, despite Lennon’s remarks, was a huge hit and went 6x platinum in America.

To celebrate its 50th birthday, the album was reissued this month.

Dhani Harrison is George’s younger brother and has spoken out against Lennon’s dismissive remarks about the record.

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Matt Wilkinson, host of Apple Music Podcast pointed out a Bobby Whitlock interview. He said that Lennon came to the studio during recording sessions very friendly.

Dhani replied: “Yeah. I mean, how could anyone not be [blownaway], especially for the Beatles.

I think it was like… It might have been an oops moment. Or, “Oops.” Like: ‘Oops.

He continued to say that they were generally happy together when the new albums came out.

Dhani stated: “I believe they were all very happy for one another.”

How could anyone not feel happy when a friend of yours left the band, then did this? You can’t be unhappy for them.

He also spoke out about Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s reaction to George’s iconic album.

He stated that he had never spoken to Ringo or Paul about All Things Must Pass.

Dhani said, “It is one of those mysterious things that everyone still doesn’t know about. That’s why we took a bit longer to make it public.”

We want to help people heal. Because of its very nature, all things must eventually pass. Some people may say that this will also pass. But Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese writer and philosopher, insists that all things must ultimately pass. This is a very relevant statement right now.

They remained very close, despite Lennon’s remarks about George’s album.

George candidly spoke out about George’s star death just after his assassination.

George answered a question about Lennon’s passing in an interview and said that he believed life continues, which made him feel sad.

John is a sad person, but I still played guitars. That was something I did for quite some time.”

He said, “So, we will meet again sometime down the line.”


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