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Highway Code advise on wet weather: ‘Completely Modern car owners are ‘inadequat’

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Highway Code advise on wet weather: 'Completely
Modern car owners are 'inadequat'

Malcolm McKay (HCVA spokesperson) stated that the Highway Code is “completely inept” to allow rain-related driving. McKay warned that drivers will be considered “passengers” if they don’t receive proper guidance on handling wet roads.

It should warn you to be aware of standing water, and that it can cause serious damage.

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It’s becoming more common due to the storms that we’re getting. I’ve experienced it several times in recent months.

People drive through the traffic blindly, and there is water standing on the road.

McKay said modern vehicles would be most affected because they have wider tyres.

Classic cars have wider tyres, and they weigh more.

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They will clear the puddles easily, which could be the reason it wasn’t highlighted in the Highway Code.

Modern driving aids, such as electronic stability controls systems (ESC), will not work if a vehicle aquaplanes.

Because the tool only works if your tyres have proper contact with road surface

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