James Bond Dr. No: Sean Connery invented 007’s famous catchphrase

When EON began production of a little indie film known as Dr No in 1961, the James Bond character was not yet the legendary cinematic spy that he is today. Sean Connery was only a few films away from being in films and wanted to be the 007 of Ian Fleming’s film. This 1962 film had a very modest budget of just $1 million.


Ken Adams, the production designer for the film, described the shooting process as a “disaster” because of the lack of money. (Via The Guardian

The film was a great success thanks to its excellent script and memorable moments.

In one of the most memorable introductions ever, Dr No welcomed Bond onto the big screen.

This is Bond sitting at a table in a casino, lighting up a cigarette and saying “Bond James Bond.”

However, this dialogue was not in the original script.

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In the original Dr No script, Bond introduced himself to Sylvia Trench and Eunice Gayson by saying “I’m James Bond”.

Connery didn’t believe this line was strong enough so he decided to change the script and say: “Bond James Bond”.

He reportedly tried several takes before settling on the right one, then added the pause and lit a cigarette to make it even more memorable. (Via ScreenRant

Dr No achieved a remarkable success. It grossed just above $60 million in the box office, which is a huge number for that time.

Connery continued to be the dashing superspy for EON five times more, culminating in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever.

Connery’s Dr No moment was notable for his affair with Ursula Andress, the Bond first girl.

Andress played Honey Ryder (a local shell diver) who is inexplicably drawn to Bond and his hijinks as a secret agent.

Connery married Diane Cilento, his first wife in 1962. They remained together until 1973.

Last October 31st, 2020 was the death of the actor from Scotland.

Andress talked about his time with James Bond’s iconic star after his passing.

Andress stated that he was a great guy, but today’s men are too self-absorbed and narcissistic to be like him. It is difficult to find someone like Sean today. He was great friends and an amazing actor.

He had a great sense of humor that I enjoyed a lot. He was last seen in Switzerland. Sean had a house near me in Gstaad. He invited me to every place, Monte Carlo London New York and London. We were friends from the moment we first met. Friends are friends.

We shared some wonderful moments, and I’ll always cherish those memories. Sean, for me, isn’t dead. He will be with me always.

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