LEGO City Undercover’s devs discussed Nintendo’s. Participation in the game

Believe it or not, it has been almost a decade since LEGO City Undercover released on Nintendo‘s Wii U console. It has also been 4 years since it released on the Nintendo Switch. According to Darryl Kelley and Matt Palmer, the lead animator of LEGO Group, Nintendo had a greater role in this game than you might think.

In an episode called Bits N Bricks, Kelley and Palmer discussed the subject. Palmer said that Nintendo had been involved “everything, from the development to the marketing and finally the plan to go to market.” Nintendo expressed an interest in making this an exclusive title on their next console. This was already in development.

Kelley stated that there were discussions about working with Nintendo. However, it was more on the brick side. So, possibly having a license deal, or even looking at the various properties Nintendo owns and producing LEGO sets. But, never in the sense of actually creating and working together to make a title. This would, Kelley said, be considered a first-party title.

Kelley said that they would be meeting hand-in-hand and work closely with Tim Bechtel, over at Nintendo of America. The game would be discussed. The game development team would also be present to review the builds, give feedback, test the code, and help with QA. They were involved not only in the development of the product, making sure it meets the standards we expect from Nintendo and LEGO Group.


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