Peter Jackson nearly killed one of the hobbits

Lord of the Rings: Peter Jackson nearly killed one of the hobbits

Trailer for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, 2002

Merry and Pippin actors Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd recently started a podcast, Friendship Onion, where they have been speaking about their experiences working on the Lord of the Rings films. The trilogy was over when the One Ring had been returned to Mount Doom. This saved Middle Earth and ended the war against Sauron. Although not many people were killed during the trip, Merry and Pippin’s actors revealed that Peter Jackson was forced to overcome an unanticipated tragedy.

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Merry, Pippin (Elijah Wood), Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Frodo Baggins were the main characters of the franchise.

Monaghan stated that Merry would most likely be murdered if producers wanted their way.

He stated, “It’s good that it didn’t happen because I would have been there.”

It would definitely have. It’s impossible for them to kill Frodo or Sam. Merry and Pippin would remain.

Peter Jackson nearly killed one of the hobbitsLord of the Rings: Frodo almost lost one of his pals (Image: NEW LINE CINEMA)

Lord of the Rings merry and pippinLord of the Rings: Merry and Pippin almost lost one of their lives (Image: NEW LINE CINEMA)

Monaghan continued: “They wouldn’t kill Pippin, because Pippin’s really strong story is with Gandalf. That would be me.

Jackson was then applauded by the actors for being able to stand up against the production company.

Monaghan continued: “I believe Pete very rightly said: ‘This was a luminary work of writing, and we must stick to the text.

He remained true to his guns. Yes, that was a good thing.

Lord of the Rings peter jacksonLord of the Rings: Peter Jackson fought to save the hobbits (Image: NEW LINE CINEMA)

Tolkien: Nicholas Hoult is the Lord of the Rings author

Merry was the one most likely to die in this story.

Frodo, Sam, and Theoden were trying to destroy The One Ring in Mordor. Pippin, however, was in Gondor to maintain peace between Denethor (John Noble) and Theoden (Bernard Hill).

Merry was fighting alongside Eowyn (Miranda Otto), the devilish Orcs of Mordor.

During the fight, he battled against the Witch King from Angmar (one of Sauron’s most fierce foes).

Merry died in the middle of war.

Elsewhere in Monaghan and Boyd’s podcast, the pair spoke about having to reshoot the final scene multiple times.

This was Frodo’s moment of leaving the Shire for good.

Monaghan said, “Well we had to repeat it three more times!”

Boyd stated: “For all those who aren’t sure why it was done three times… Sean Astin, who plays Samwise] was wearing an incorrect costume.

He took off his vest after lunch to go and eat lunch. He forgot to take off his vest when he returned so it was destroyed.

We returned another day to film it, but the film was destroyed at the factory. We had to do it all over again! We had to repeat it three more times.

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