Molly Ringwald writes a moving tribute to Bob, her late father Ringwald following the death of jazz singer at 80

Molly Ringwald writes a moving tribute to Bob Ringwald, the jazz musician who died at age 80.

Molly Ringwald, following the passing of her father Bob Ringwald at 80 on Tuesday, paid tribute to him.

The actress of classic 80s shows like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, as well as Pretty in Pink, took to Instagram Saturday along with many photos.

She said, “It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to my dad,” “I am very fortunate to have him as a part of my life as long as I did.”

Obituary: Molly Ringwald, 53, paid memorial to her late father Bob Ringwald following his passing this past Tuesday at 80

Molly Ringwald (53), paid tribute to Bob Ringwald on Tuesday, at 80.

In a poignant obituary she penned in The Sacramento Bee, the 53-year-old actress said that following his birth in Roseville, California, ‘It was immediately clear that there was something wrong with his vision, and he was considered legally blind as an infant, becoming totally blind as an adolescent.’

Her father was a man she loved, but she said that he didn’t want to be defined by it. He wanted to change the way people see what’s possible with someone who has a disability.

“His courage, dignity, humor and strength of character will be always remembered by all those whose lives have been touched by him.

Ringwald was a member of bands like The BoonDockers and Sugar Willie, as well as The Cubes and The Great Pacific Jazz Band.

Out and about: Ringwald was snapped at a Broadway play in 2019 in NYC

Ringwald out and about in NYC: Ringwald snapped outside a Broadway production in 2019.

Inspiring: She said of her father, 'Though he never wanted to be defined by his blindness, he couldn't help being an ambassador for changing the perception of what is possible to do while living with a disability'

Inspiration: She spoke of her dad as inspiring, saying, “Though he didn’t want to be defined by blindness, but he could’t help becoming an ambassador for changing perceptions of what it is possible to live with a disability.”

The father and daughter were seen singing in Sacramento, California in 1974

In 1974, the father and his daughter sang in Sacramento (California)

In 1974, the jazz musician helped to organize the Sacramento Jazz Festival. Molly described him as “The Emperor of Jazz”, and said that it ‘touched him’.

She said that despite being a performer almost his whole life, Bob was not comfortable with having the attention he received unless he was performing on stage. Bob was a magnet for attention everywhere he went. People fell in love with Bob because of his natural charisma, authenticity, and sense humor.

Ringwald spoke of his love for baseball and said that he used to be a big Dodgers fan who served as the guest announcer.

He shared the lyrics to Old Bones with her: “I love life. I would like to make it better/Just to be able to go back/ Let my life start/Oh yes, it’s possible.

Bob Ringwald’s wife Adele is survived by Renee Angus, sister Renee Angus, daughters Molly Ringwald Carnes and Kelly Ringwald. He also leaves six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


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