One Direction: Harry Styles didn’t know Zayn Malik was leaving the band

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In the middle of 2015’s world tour, Zayn left the band. At the time, the five members of One Direction were in the Asian leg of their fourth stadium tour, the On The Road Again Tour. Zayn quit the band two months later, shortly after performing in Hong Kong, March 18, 2015. Later, he posted a statement to the 1D Facebook page, in which he mentioned stress and his desire to lead a normal 22-year old life. Harry Styles was not the wiser.


Harry opened up about Zayn’s departure while promoting Fine Line, his second studio album.

Since then, the record has sold more than 2,000,000 copies and reached multiplatinum status.

He told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe: “Yeah, I mean, it was hard you know. It was part of the reason we were so sad about someone leaving.

“But it was also sad that he wasn’t enjoying the experience enough to have to go.”

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One Direction: Harry Styles ‘wasn’t aware’ of Zayn’s emotions (Image: GETTY)

Harry said, “I believe at that time the tour had been going so well. All of us had reached a point where we felt good touring.

He continued to say that he wasn’t aware of Zayn’s feelings at the moment.

It felt as if everyone was enjoying it. It was a lot of us saying “Wow, it wasn’t that enjoyable,” I would say.

Watermelon Sugar’s singer, Watermelon Sugar, went on to describe the reactions of Zayn and the rest.

One Direction: Harry Styles spoke out about Malik’s exit (Image: GETTY)

One Direction: Zayn Malik left the band in 2015 (Image: GETTY)

Harry stated, “Obviously we had big moments. As we were getting ready to record a new album, we thought: “Obviously there were big moments for us.

But I would say that in the instant the four of them became closer. This was because it was something we didn’t expect.”

Zayn’s sudden departure was not unexpected. However, Adore You singer revealed that One Direction had been planning on ending their career by then.

He stated: “Well… He said: “Well… “I think the band knew that the year ended, but we didn’t know it at the time.”

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Fans were shocked by One Direction’s dissolution, but it allowed the members of the band to pursue their solo careers.

Harry is now a Grammy Award-winning performer and host of Saturday Night Live. He will also star in Don’t Worry Darling, and My Policeman.

Liam Payne (another member of the group) recently talked out about the split and said he was happy it had happened.

Liam said: “I’m sure a lot people will be mad at my for saying that. But I had to stop it or it would kill. (Via the Diary of a CEO Podcast).

Liam continued: Liam stated: “In band… The best way to protect us because we were so big was to lock us all in our rooms. The room contains: Mini-bar.

“So I decided that I was just going to throw a party for one and it seemed to continue on for the rest of my life.”

He said: “Liam” added, “Then you take a look at the time you have been drinking and think: “Jesus Christ! That’s quite a while.” Although it was crazy, this was how you got rid of your frustration.

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