Owners of petrol cars are expected to “suffer” and “spend more money” due to their vehicles. The AA warns about E10 fuel change,

Greg Carter, an AA specialist in technical matters, has said that owners of older cars will be “suffering” because they will have to spend “a bit more money on fuel.” Cars that cannot use E10 will have to continue to run on E5 which is compatible with the super-unleaded protection level.

But, Carter said that drivers might get “a little more mileage per gallon”, which would increase the driver’s ability to travel 20-30 miles faster than E10 users.

Express.co.uk spoke to him and he stated that “the people it will affect are the people who check on Government Checker and see their car is not compatible.”

The vast majority of people will need to pay a bit more for their fuel, as long as the car is still in use.

Super unleaded gets slightly less mileage than superunleaded, so this is not a straightforward calculation.

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He said, “Those who drive uncompatible modern vehicles should we name them.”

“Not classic cars, but cars built after 2000 that aren’t designed to burn that fuel – they will be the ones who suffer most unfortunately.

Analysis by the AA earlier this year showed that the difference between super and regular unleaded was approximately 12.68p per litre.

The AA forecasted that the price of E5 would rise to PS6.42 when superunleaded is added based on April’s costs.

Due to E10 taking over, regular unleaded fuel prices will increase by about PS1 per gallon.

The Government warned that E10 users will have to purchase more fuel, something E5 owners won’t have to worry about.

According to the Government’s E10 Fuel Impact Assessment, E10 could increase motorist fuel costs.

The estimated reduction in petrol prices by moving from E5 to E10 will be 0.2 pence per gallon.

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