Respawn says Apex Legends’ Legend Seer, is “a little bit” of what they want. Too strong


Respawn says Apex Legends' Legend Seer, is "a little bit" of what they want.
Too strong

Look out for a balance update soon.

Apex Legends creator Respawn confirmed that the new character Seer would be “in an upcoming update”.

Respawn’s Travis Nordin told participants in a Reddit AMA that while the Legend had “brought a lot of new gameplay elements to the game”, Seer’s particular skillset is “a bit too strong”.

As Emma explained earlier this week, complaints about how Seer’s abilities give him too much of an advantage in combat were piling up on the Apex subreddit. Most of the complaints revolve around Seer’s use of microdrones to disable revives and protect battery regens.

Nordin, a software engineer, said that Seer had launched strongly and was the goal. He also answered a question about a possible “balancing” upgrade. He’s added a number of gameplay features to the game (HP bar, interrupt), which has prompted a lot discussion among players. This is something that I love to see.

“With all that said, [he] may be a little too strong right now and will receive some balance updates with the next patch.”

When a player pressed for a timeline, asking if we’d have to wait until “midseason” to see a change, Nordin said, “nope, it’ll be sooner than that”.

ICYMI, a sweeping community investigation has claimed the recent Apex Legends “SaveTitanfall” hack was part of an elaborate scheme to revive a cancelled Titanfall spin-off. The Apex Legends hack – which displayed the URL “”, with the subheader, “[Titanfall 1] is being attacked so is Apex” – hit servers at the beginning of July.

At the conclusion of every match, players received an “important message”, asking them to “visit”

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