Shaun Ryder: “It’s why drugs made my feel normal” ADHD treatment

Shaun Ryder talks TV. He is happy to comment on small-screen TV as one of Gogglebox’s celebrity critics.

The X Factor(RIP) was a place to view with family, he said – although Happy Mondays wouldn’t have passed auditions, he knew it would be a tough show.Love IslandI can’t see a lot of adult minds with the heads of babies.

RyderAlso, keeps current with news in particular the last 18 monthsCOVID-19First hit. The problem with me is that I can’t remember stuff. I need to constantly be informed about what’s happening. It’s gone, otherwise it is just gone.

(L-R): Bez and Shaun Ryder, from the Happy Mondays and Black Grape, on Channel 4's Gogglebox
Ryder and his Happy Mondays bandmate Bez are now favourites on Channel 4’s Gogglebox

Ryder, now 58 years old, is finally able to pinpoint the cause of his poor attention span. This was previously attributed to his many excesses as Madchester’s most well-known party animal. His brain was experiencing ADHD symptoms earlier in the year.

He says, “It answers everything,” in his distinctive Mancunian accent. “I had to get tested as I knew that two of my four daughters had been diagnosed with ADHD. My youngest daughter was having difficulty learning and with everything. Then I took the test and all of it came from me.

But as soon as the result…one came back, I understood why my life has been chaotic. It also explained why I hadn’t learned the alphabet until I was 28. It’s why I struggle to pay bills and many other things… it is also the reason I feel normal as a teenager, you know? I was normal when I used drugs. You know, I felt like my pants were on the back. “I felt comfortable in my skin.”

Ryder was not only diagnosed with ADHD, he also had COVID-19 during the initial stages of the pandemic. Although he believes he has long-term COVID, it’s improving. He says that he was once in a while guaranteed that he would go under the covers and go to bed. But over time, it has gotten less frequent. Although I haven’t had an episode in a while, I still occasionally get them and I end up being floored.

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Before he adds, he pauses and says: “I can breathe.” The main thing is that I have a fixedation on breathing. So as long as it was possible, I felt fine.

Ryder also has to contend with hair loss due to a recent change in treatment of his underactive thyroid. It looks like the hair is starting to recover. It’s not a tattoo! He says. He said, “That is called skin pigmentation. That, and my eyebrows are the same.”

Ryder became famous with Happy Mondays (pictured), then went on to found Black Grape (below) and continues to be a strong supporter of both these bands. Pictures by Paul Husband

He said that stress was the cause of his hair loss. “But I have been stress-free in my entire life.

After years of using heroin and other drug substances, he seems happy and long has extolled clean living. His second band, Black Grape is still his Happy Mondays, while he is releasing Visits from Future Technology solo. This album is almost twenty years in the future of his 2003 release, Amateur Night At The Big Top.

These songs were written many years before his rebirth in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Jungle was released in 2010 and put away while he built on America’s appreciation. They were found “down the back a sofa” during lockdown and Jungle decided to do something about them. He had to revise a lot to get them current.

He says that it’s not true. He said, “It’s the same crap I write about all the time. The same things I wrote back in 1988 are what I continue to write about. My mind doesn’t change much. There are a lot of things happening at the same time, and they all come out as songs.”

The first single, Mumbo Jumbo, is fittingly named. He also has a song called Popstars Daughters. This is tongue-in-cheek warning. He says, “Long ago, when I was a young, attractive pop star. I suppose I would have been called one, but now I think I am a dad to four girls and I’ve dated several pop stars’ daughters. So, the song I actually wrote for my daughters is kind of tongue-in-cheek.”

Ryder collaborated with Noel Gallagher and other artists during the pandemic. Pic by AP

He has collaborated with many artists, in addition to his solo works.Noel GallagherAndRobbie WilliamsDuring lockdown, this “kept me busy”. He has enjoyed spending his time at home.

“I’m sure people had a bad time, and people were locked up at the 24th floors of the tower blocks. But I was able to get an okay, er lock up…what did it call again when it stopped being done? Yes, lockdown! It was a good lockdown. In the past 25 years, I’ve never spent this much time at home. “I was able to spend lots of time with my wife, the children and our family.”

Ryder and his family, who have “enough of me now”, are now ready to perform live gigs again. Black Grape is his next tour, and he plans to then tour solo. Ryder says he’s double-jabbered and eager to get on the road.

What does he think about the notion ofPotentially, vaccine passports may be required for gigs or nightclubsWhat? He says, “Whatever the government is going to do, they have to do it fast and it has to be done now. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be… If we are all to get vaccinated and have everything, then the government should open up. Stop messing around, let’s just do it.

Although he thinks that the government has handled the pandemic in a “bit of hit-and-miss” manner, he says “I suppose any government, whatever party they were, wouldn’t be able to get it right away.”

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TheShocking Matt Hancock scandalHe laughs. What’s the big deal? “It’s been one law that applies to a lot of people, and another for a lot more people. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was anything other than that.”

Ryder performed 2 shows since the restrictions were lifted. One with Happy Mondays, and one with Black Grape. He says they were both great. Some chose to wear masks while others did not. Nobody was held responsible for the actions of others. His plans include touring the world and creating music in the coming years. He says, “I don’t have hobbies.” When I am asked about my hobbies, my answer is that my hobby involves making and listening to music.

Ryder says that the only thing stopping Ryder is to “do a Tommy Cooper” or something similar. In 1984, Cooper died live on TV. Look at the people I grew-up with like Tom Jones, the Stones, Roger Daltrey, and The Who. Roger Daltrey, I’m talking about him, is as fit as a butchers dog. You seen him? You can’t quit if you love what you do.

That’s Shaun Ryder’s plan, with Gogglebox, his other ventures that continue to help him live his best life and be rediscovered as a national treasure. What does Ryder think about this term?

You know …” But he is lost for words. It’s better than the n**head isn’t? You know what? It’s okay.

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