Star Citizen has now got a city up in the clouds

Star Citizen has just released its Alpha 3.14 update. This adds a new city to the space sim.

Orison’s landing area is located on Crusader Gas Giant and features a spaceport and peace garden, as well other facilities that would be appropriate for a tourist spot in sci-fi. Below is the trailer

Crusader uses Star Citizen’s initial implementation of Star Citizen’s Planetary Volumetric Clouds technology. This tech is designed to create multi-layered volumetric clouds with varying sizes within planet atmospheres. Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of the game, said that this technology will continue to be developed in order to provide more detail on the planets.

Alpha 3.14 also adds a dynamic event, better power management, radar scanning, ping and a missile guidance rework. It costs PS153.60. Really. The Taurus, like Star Citizen’s virtual ships, has its own in-universe advertisement:

As you’d expect, revenue spiked when alpha 3.14 launched yesterday, according to CIG’s own revenue tracker, to $169,629 for 6th August.

Star Citizen’s controversial and long-running development has been well documented. It’s still at the alpha stage, as you can see from this update. In March, the game shot through the $350m raised mark from over three million customers.

Star Citizen has not been officially released eight years since its original crowdfunding campaign began. However, parts of the game were made available in early access format. Squadron 42, the single-player portion of the game, is still in development but does not have a release date.

Chris Roberts, the chief developer of CIG has been under criticism for not releasing the game or setting a release date. CIG earns money selling subscriptions, starter packs and virtual spaceships – which can’t be piloted yet in-game. CIG claims that all money donated goes to development. Star Citizen made $13,453,609 in May.

CIG indicated that Alpha 3.16 will be released in Q4 2021. It will bring Orison more services and shops. CIG has indicated that the development roadmap will continue to Q1 2022 when beta 3.17 is expected to be released. There is no release window beyond Q1 2022.

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