This online course will help you get started in the freelance world of copywriting. Course bundle


TL;DR: The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle is on sale for PS17.96 as of Aug. 8, saving you 97% on list price.

If you’re looking to turn your love of writing into a full-time gig, this freelance writing guide can help you start off on the right foot with five courses and 20 hours of content from the pros.

You’ll be taught by best-selling author Eric John Campbell and copywriter Derek Franklin how to create effective headlines. To help sharpen your skills, you will even be required to complete small missions.

The class will also teach you how to start your own copywriting company. You’ll learn about how to attract clients and build a portfolio. Also, what it takes for you create a quote that doubles up as a contract. How do I pitch myself for new jobs? So you can respond to your first client, you will also learn how to write efficient and effective business correspondence.

It’s valued at over PS700, but you can sign up for this digital copywriting training for only PS17.96 for a limited time.

Save 97% on the Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle

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